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100m world champion Christian Coleman got suspended

Christian Coleman

On Wednesday, the Athletics Integrity Unit suspended the reigning World Champion in the 100-meter dash, Christian Coleman for missing drug tests. Hours after the American sprinter revealed details of the case, in order to include Coleman, the AIU updated it’s list of athletes on provisional suspension.

Until a final decision at a hearing conduct under the World Athletes Anti-doping Rules or the Integrity Code of Conduct, Coleman, is temporarily banned from the competition.

Earlier on Twitter Coleman said that, ‘drug testers were unable to find him on December 9, while he was at nearby mall for Christmas shopping. And that was his third infraction in a 12-month period. It is important for the athletes to require their list of whereabouts for atleast an hour each day, when they must be available to be tested.

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If an athlete did not fill out forms telling authorities where they could be found or in other case they weren’t there where they said they would be when testers arrived, both the cases are considered as violation of the rules.

Tokyo Games, that have been postponed to next summer due to the coronavirus pandemic, Coleman was considered as a first favourite for Olympic gold in the 100-meter dash heading into the Games.

In his last post, he said, he’s been appealing the latest missed test for last six months with the AIU. Which runs the anti- doping program for World Athletics.

Coleman further explained that there was no record of anyone coming to his home and also if he had been called he was just 5 minutes away. It’s the second time, for a whereabouts violation Coleman has faced a potential ban.

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Last September, after the U.S Anti-doping Agency dropped his case for missed tests because of a technicality, at the world championships in Doha, Qatar, Coleman won the 100 meters.

“I have never and will never use performance enhancing drugs or supplements. I am willing to take a drug test EVERY single day for the rest of my career for all I care to prove my innocence,” Coleman wrote on Tuesday.