Free Fire Ban: More than 1.2 Million Accounts get ban in the last two weeks

Free Fire Bans 1,225,509 accounts in the last couple of weeks because of Cheating in the game. Garena published their regualr bi-week report of Free Fire accounts banned along with the cheat hacks used.

Free Fire accounts banned

Free Fire is one of the highly played battle royale games in the world which is published by Garena in the year 2017. In the last couple of years, the game has a seen a massive upsurge in the rise of its popularity and users. Along with that, the developers drop new updates, skins, characters, bundles which draws much attention from players all around the community.

The game requires no introduction and we all know how popular it is around the globe. Becoming so popular and having millions of players coming in, it becomes so humanly difficult for the developers to keep track of every player in the game. The players will face so many cheaters using hacks in the game which doesn’t become a fair play at all.

Garena has an anti-cheat system for identifying and restricting cheaters in the game making fair gameplay platform for all players on the Battlefield. Also, there is an in-game report option for players to report the hackers so that the developers get to know the cheaters.

free fire ban
Over 1.2 million cheaters banned by Garena

Garena publishes a bi-week reports of the Free Fire accounts banned on their official Facebook page including the cheats used which lead to them getting banned in the game permanently. Following is the latest report of the Free Fire ban on accounts in the last couple of weeks by Garena.

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Free Fire ban accounts for cheating and using hacks

free fire ban
Banned accounts ratio along with the cheats used
  • Auto-aim (75.4%): Directly aiming at the opponent without making any effort.
  • Teleport (14.7%): Able to go anywhere on the map, and thus escaping fights when they feel low and eliminating the player far away later.
  • Through the walls (8.9%): able to hit that cause damage to opponents even when they are cover like walls and trees. 
  • Others (1%): other various hacks and cheats.

More than 24,500 hackers are banned because of playing with hackers intentionally. About 51% of the overall Free Fire ban accounts by the means of player reports. This figure saw a 29% decrement compared to the previous bi-week report.

The report by Garena also stated:

"We've also adjusted anti-hack measures and optimized our detection methods for a better gaming experience! Continue to play fairly and keep the game fun for all."

Furthermore, the detection methods were updated by Garena. They monitor hackers closely in order to provide a safe and fair environment for legitimate players.

Players can report cheaters on different social media platforms by tagging officials/developers or by using the report option which is available in the game.

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