3 Alternative ways to kill an enemy in Free Fire without using Guns

You can kill enemies in Free Fire even without using guns. Check out the three ways through which you can kill enemies in Free Fire apart from guns.

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Free Fire is a quick-paced battle royale whi h have wide range of weapons in it. In this article we will look at 3 different ways to kill an enemy in Free Fire apart from guns.

Free Fire is a renowned battle royale game on the mobile gaming platform. Around 50 players are landed on a spawn island battling out to be the last one standing to get the title “Booyah.” Various weapons in the game are used to kill each other in the game. Also, players can make use of several throwables in the game to get the edge over their opponents in the game. There are weapons of various damage stats ranging from low to high. There are other ways to get the enemy finish and we will discuss three different ways that can be used to kill an enemy without using guns.

3 ways to kill an enemy in Free Fire without guns

3. Vehicle/Car

Free Fire vehicle kill
Free Fire Vehicle kills

Vehicles in Free Fire offer great help for players to advance in various ways. You can use these vehicles in Free Fire to escape the danger zone and rush to the safe zone without losing much health. There are even special characters with exclusive driving abilities in the game. Apart from offering a helping hand in going to a safe zone, you can kill an enemy by using a vehicle in no time. You just have to give a dash to the enemy and that is done, a kill will be added to your name.

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2. Oil Barrel

Oil Barrel in Free Fire is spawned entirely in the Map of Free Fire. If you are anywhere near then we should warn you to go as far as possible to it. If you are thinking of taking cover behind it, then you must prepare to return to your lobby. Oil Barrels in Free Fire are dangerous and when they are hit, they will explode. Similar to gas cans in PUBG Mobile, they are available all over the Map. You just have to make sure the enemy is near it, then you should hit the barrel to knock out the enemy. Moreover, some of the lookalikes of these barrels are used as Wukong‘s camouflage ability in which you can be under this Barrel. You can surprise your enemy, by making yourself a barrel being ready to hit the enemy when it is time.

1. Throwable utilities (Grenades)

Free Fire grenade kill
Grenade usage

Grenades are of the most useful items in the game to kill enemies. There are other throwables in the game such as Stun grenades to completely block’s the enemy sight which gives you the advantage to take him down. Grenades are used to kill the enemy down and cause damage to many enemies in its blowing range. It can kill many enemies if use properly. Needless to say the use of Grenade launchers which are seen over powerful in many tournaments. Grenade usage needs skill but can be so much useful to take kills.

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