3 Best airdrop guns in Free Fire after OB28 update

Drop guns are always special since they got heavy stats and attributes and here are top 3 best guns of Free Fire Airdrop.

airdrop guns in free fire

Free Fire has an arsenal of firearms ranging from pistols(low damage) to sniper rifles(high damage). This article will list the top 3 airdrop guns in Free Fire.

Free Fire is known for its unique features and quick-paced gameplay. The game offers various skins, cosmetics for its players via new events and updates frequently. Weapon skins and cosmetics are the most featured items in the game. There are various weapons in the game of different kinds such as Assault rifles, SMGs, Marksman Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Short guns and more.

Drop Weapons are always high damage guns which can easily destroy an enemy in all sorts when you hit with an accuracy/precise shots.

In this article, we will discuss top 3 Weapons Found in an air drop of Free Fire.

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Top 3 Airdrop Guns in Free Fire

3. Groza

airdrop guns in free fire

Drop guns are always special since they got heavy stats and attributes. Groza is one of the high damage dealing AR gun and some players go crazy to get this gun. The game description says, ‘High damage and long-range rifle with great stability. Possibly the strongest rifle Free Fire has ever seen.’ Hence, it is also a proper and appropriate gun to use in Long-range too. As it says, perhaps that this is the best AR in the game. As it is a drop gun it is rare to find and only available via Airdrops. The gun uses 7.62 Ammunition in the game.

2. M249

There are 4 types of LMGs (Light Machine Guns) in the game and M249 is the only LMG gun that arrives in an Airdrop. Its magazine capacity is 100 which is completely a beast at such capacity. The gun has high fire power than most of the guns and insane fire rate which can pierce enemy’s body completely. Thus, M249 is a best gun in an Airdrop of Free Fire.

1. M79

best guns in free fire
M79 gun in FF

M79 is a grenade launcher gun in Free Fire that is exclusively available in air drops only. Grenade Launchers might be underrated but you must accept the fact that they are vividly used in many tournaments. It has been proved that grenade launchers are no less than other high damage weapons in Free Fire. M79 Grenade Launcher is one of the best guns that Free Fire Airdrop features.

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