3 Best Free Fire Character Combinations for all modes After OB30 Update in October 2021

This article will detail players with a guide on the best Free Fire character combinations after the recent OB30 update

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Free Fire characters are the most important inclusions in the game. Here are the three best Free Fire character combinations for all modes in October 2021.

Free Fire is one of the most played BR games on the mobile gaming platform. The developers had recently launched the MAX version of it with improvised features and graphics. But, reportedly it turns out to be unsuccessfull but the craze of the game never fades away. Characters in the game are an important aspect in order to win the game and choosing a character can be a hard choice for everyone. This article will let players ease their search and choose a perfect character combo.

3 Best Free Fire Character Combinations


Best Free Fire Character Combinations

This combination is an ideal character combination for long-range players, especially snipers. In this above character combination, players may replace the Wukong character as it may not be so useful when engaging in Long-range fights. If the opponent is also very well at taking fights in Long-range, you can use Wukong to get into some stealth kind of mode and avoid his shots. The rest characters are made for Long-range combats.

best character combination in free fire

Moco Character tags enemies when shot and the info will be shared by the teammates. You can make your teammates go near to them while you being the bait for them. Otherwise, your total squad can hit the opponent so that he could not escape from you with the shared info. Maro character will give more damage to the ones that are in distant places. Both combos will help in bringing down the enemy faster in long-range.

best Free Fire character combination

Rafael makes sure that the enemies suffer HP loss at a faster level when they are knocked down by you. Thus, your kill will be secured.

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maro vs skyler ability
Skyler Ability

This combination is perfectly made for Rushers or those who choose to play aggressively. Skyler is one of the deadliest characters in Free Fire that can destroy gloo walls which is highly used as covers in the game. Moreover, he also heals the character when a gloo wall is deployed. Speaking of other characters, Kelly is a must and should character in a combination, especially in close-range. In Close-range, one should need fastness.

Best Free Fire Character Combinations

Kelly is a character that boosts up your movement speed so that you can act quickly in a close-quarter fight. Hayato is another important skill that is required when you engage in close-quarter combat. He provides you with an edge for increasing the armour penetration in close range. Maxim lets you heal faster and he comes as the most helpful character when an enemy is rushing onto you when you are with low HP.


skyler vs Chrono

This combination is an ideal character combination for Clash Squad mode. Despite being receiving major buffs, Chrono still makes the way into the best characters list. His ability can block the enemy’s damage and helps players to take shelter in a zone for a while.

best Free Fire character combinations

When an enemy gives you damage to some great extent, he will definitely rush onto you. In such a case, you can’t escape but heal faster and be ready to fight again. Maxim will help you with that, where he can heal you at a faster rate and let you be ready for another fight. Kelly can improve the movement speed which is quite important in intense fight zones like Clahs Squad. Jota will give you HP for each kill you make which is also helpful in CS mode. Alvaro is the grenade sepcialist.

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