3 best places to land on Bermuda Remastered Map in Free Fire

We take a look at the 3 best places to land on Bermuda Remastered Map in Free Fire.


Garena Free Fire is a massively popular battle royale game in the market right now. The game has attracted quite a large player base. This is because of its competitive and unique features. Players need to dive down on an uncharted map and find loot and weapons to be the last man standing. Therefore it is crucial for players to find the perfect landing spot to start the game and find loot. Currently the game has three maps – Bermuda, Kalahari and Purgatory. However in this article we take a look at the newly released Bermuda Remastered Map. Moreover, this article lists the 3 best places to land on Bermuda Remastered Map in Free Fire.

The new map has a few new changes which include:

  • Nurek Damn
  • Academy
  • Aden’s Creek
  • Samurai Garden

3 best places to land on Bermuda Remastered Map in Free Fire


The newly revamped Bermuda map has made the Peak one of the best places to land. The loot found here is very abundant and high-tier. This is a great place to set up yourself for the late game. Moreover the supplies and utility items found here are also very good.

However it has become a very hot zone for players. This means that many players try to compete to take control of this area. Therefore players need to be careful while landing in this location due to the huge competition.

Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is one of the most competed zones in the map. Likewise the area has an ample amount of loot. This area is a hot-zone for players to land. However players can be stealthy in this area as there are a lot of houses.


Academy is one of the newest locations added to the remastered map of Bermuda. The area contains massive amounts of loot that will be sufficient for an entire squad. However the only problem is that this area is located at a corner of the map. Therefore players may find it difficult to navigate to the safe zones.

Some other honorable mentions are Pochinok, Nurek Dam and Bimasakti Strip. All these area have high tier loots but players will similarly need to be careful.

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