5 best characters in Free Fire for Ranked mode as of January 2021

We take a look at 5 best characters in Free Fire for Ranked mode as of January 2021.


Free Fire is a massive battle royale genre that has taken the world by storm. The game has gained massive popularity and has an extensive player base throughout the world. Moreover one of the features that make this game unique is the varied character personalities with unique abilities. With the introduction of Chrono, the game now has 35 characters that players can use. However some characters are better than others. Thus, in this article we take a look at the 5 best characters in Free Fire for Ranked mode as of January 2021.

5 best characters in Free Fire for Ranked mode as of January 2021: Abilities and stats

DJ Alok

He has been the most popular character since his release. His ability Drop The Beat creates a 5m Aura around him that increases ally movement speed by 15% and restores 5 HP per second. This lasts for 10 seconds.

Moreover the healing and AOE move speed boost makes him an in-dispensible character in squad situations.


He is released recently but is already massively popular amongst the players. His ability is called Time Turner which creates a force field that blocks 600 damage.

His movement speed is increased by 30% inside the force field. Moreover during activation allies inside the field get a 15% movement speed increase which lasts for 9 seconds. This ability has a cool-down of 40 seconds at max level. His ability to deal out damage with getting hit makes him ideal to rush contested points or houses.

K (Captain Booyah)

K is a well known character in the game and is the in-game avatar of KSHMR. His ability is called Master of All.

 In the Jiu-Jitsu mode his allies get a boost of 500% EP conversion rate in a 6m radius.

 In Psychology mode he recovers 2EP ever 3 seconds upto 150 EP. The mode switch cooldown is 20 seconds.

Likewise this is quite useful as the EP conversion can come in handy in tricky sitiations.


free fire india esports awards

Moco’s ability is called Hacker’s Eye and lets her tag enemies being shot for 5 seconds. This information is shared with teammates.

This ability is great for locating and staying one-step-ahead of the enemy.


Jai’s ability is called Raging Reload. This ability allows him to reload 45% of magazine automatically when he knocks enemies with AR, Pistols, SMGs and SGs. Moreover this ability received a noticeable buff in OB24 update.

Likewise Jai has a very aggressive ability that can knock multiple players easily if used correctly.

Honorable Mentions: Jota and Hayato

(Note: This article reflects the views of the author. However the views of the reader might differ.)

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