Top 5 Best Characters In Free Fire For New Lone Wolf Mode For August 2021

Free Fire recently introduced the Lone Wolf mode with the latest OB29 patch update. Here we will take a look at top 5 best characters in Free Fire for Lone Wolf mode for August 2021.

5 best characters in Free Fire lone wolf mode
5 Best Characters In Free Fire For Lone Wolf Mode

With the latest OB29 patch update Garena has introduced a new game mode in Free Fire the ‘Lone Wolf‘ mode. Here in this article we will take a look at the top 5 best characters in Free Fire for Lone Wolf mode for August 2021.

The new game mode is 2v2 battle for players in the game in a brand new map Iron Cage. In this round players are given to choose any weapon and sidearm from the given armory. Player’s can also equip character’s skill in this game mode. Although it is a 2v2 game mode players can’t revive their teammates here.

List Of Top 5 Characters In Free Fire For Lone Wolf Mode

5. Wukong (Camouflage)

best character in free fire
Wukong In Free Fire

Wukong’s “Camouflage Ability,” has received a significant buff in the OB27 update. It can transform the players into a bush for 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 250 seconds at the base level. With each kill, the cooldown duration will reset.

The skill was reworked to have a less cooldown duration and the cooldown reset after each kill has send Wukong to the character you want to use. Wukong is very useful in this mode due to his unique skill.

4. D-Bee (Bullet Beats)

new character in free fire

D-Bee is the latest addition to the Free Fire character roster he was introduced in he Free Fire OB28 update. He has a passive ability called “Bullet Beats” that gives the user improved accuracy and movement speed at firing while moving.

At it’s base level the skill increases the movement speed by 5% and accuracy by 10%. At it’s max level (level 6) the skill improves the movement speed by 15% and the accuracy by 35%. This skill can help aggressive player’s who love to chase down their enemies.

This skill of his has landed him on the fourth spot on this list of top 5 best characters in Free Fire for new lone wolf mode.

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3. Chrono (Time Turner)

5 Best Characters In Free Fire For New Lone Wolf Mode

Chrono’s ability is called Time Turner and creates a force-field that blocks 600-incoming damage from enemies. Allies and the players can take shelter inside the zone and even shoot from inside it.

However, earlier it used to provide 30% movement speed to the player and 15% movement speed to allies. This skill can only be used once in the game but still it is the bst skill there to use.

2. Xayne (Xtreme Encounter)

Xayne Vs K character Comparison
Xayne: 5 Best Characters In Free Fire

According to her in-game description, Xayne is an extreme athlete who likes to travel. She has an active ability called Xtreme Encounter.

At its base level (level 1), this ability temporarily provides 80 HP to the player. It also offers 40% increased damage to gloo walls and shields. The effects last for 10 seconds, with a cooldown of 150 seconds.

At its maximum level (level 6), Xtreme Encounter increases damage to gloo walls and shields by 100%. Meanwhile, the cooldown time is reduced to 100 seconds.

1. DJ Alok (Drop The Beat)

DJ alok vs k
DJ Alok in Free Fire

DJ Alok is a popular character and he is prominent for his active ability ‘Drop the Beat’. His in-game description says that he is a world-famous DJ who is ready to drop a beat. His ability is so versatile among all other characters. At his base level, the ability can create a 5m radius aura.

Allies within the aura will get a 10% movement speed boost and increase their HP at a rate of 5HP per second for 5 seconds. Once upgraded to the maximum level, the ability increases movement speed by 15% and increases the health regeneration(5HP) duration to 10 seconds.

He has a Cooldown of 45 seconds and the effects cannot be stacked. He has one of the best skill in this list of top 5 best characters in Free Fire for new lone wolf mode for August 2021.

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