5 best characters in Free Fire MAX with powerful abilities for Clash Squad Rank Push

5 best characters in Free Fire MAX with powerful abilities for Clash Squad Rank Push

The arrival of Free Fire MAX has delighted the entire FF community and they are overjoyed as it gives an enhanced gameplay experience. Here are the 5 best characters in Free Fire MAX for Clash Squad Rank push.

Characters in Free Fire or the MAX version are so powerful as they have unique abilities in the game. Their utilities are widely evident in every competitive match where professional players make use of them to the fullest. Free Fire MAX characters can be used for rank push where you can play in a passive style or aggressively. The game has a wide variety of characters to choose from based on the player’s personal play style.

Clash Squad is an intense battle mode where players engage in close-quarter fights mostly. Players are given a loadout of weapons to choose from in each round along with other utilities. The one with the highest points will win it. Rank push in such intense fight mode is not an easy task and perfect use of characters may ease some of that. This article will guide you that in choosing the best characters in Free Fire MAX.

5 best characters in Free Fire MAX for Clash Squad with powerful abilities

5. Jota

best characters in free fire max

Jota’s skill is called Sustained Raids and this is a passive skilled character that is based on a healing ability. This ability will restore the player’s HP for each kill he takes. Free FIre players must include this character in their combination.

At the base level, the user will get 10% HP when an enemy is knocked down. While the maximum level will restore 20% HP for each kill.

4. Wukong

Wukong in Free Fire

Wukong is an active skilled character and is based on the appearance of a monkey. His ability is called Camouflage which is an excellent ability to ambush players in intense battle mode like Clash Squad.

Camouflage ability will transform the player into a bush but reduces the movement speed by 20%, and the effect lasts for 10 seconds at the base level with 300 seconds of CD period. The CD period is reduced to 200 and the duration is increased to 15 seconds at the max level. However, the CD will be reset when Wukong takes down an opponent. This character can be so good to take down players by surprise and is definitely used for Rank push.

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3. Skyler

best free fire max characters

Skyler is another good character in Free Fire MAX whose ability is called Riptide Rythm. His ability can be so destructible if used correctly, as he can destroy gloo walls of enemies. Thus, they will be left uncovered and you can take them down easily.

His ability releases a sonic wave that destroys 5 gloo walls within a 50-meter range with a 60 second CD period. Moreover, when a gloo wall is deployed by Skyer, he starts healing himself starting from 4 points. The range is increased to 100 meter and the CD period is down to 40 seconds at the max level.

2. Dimitri

best characters in free fire

Dimitri is a new character in Free Fire MAX which was introduced with the OB29 update. The character is active skilled and is made available through a top-up event. His ability is called Healing Heartbeat.

The ability will create a 3.5-meter diameter healing zone, in which the user and allies will receive 3 HP for a second. If the user is down, the user and allies can revive themselves to get up. The \effect lasts for 10 seconds at the basic level and for 15 seconds at the maximum level.


best free fire characters
DJ Alok character

DJ Alok requires no introduction which is one of the most coveted characters in Free Fire MAX. His ability is called Drop the Beat and it can be used for both passive and aggressive gameplay as his ability is so versatile.

At the basic level, his ability will create a 5-meter aura that boosts the movement speed by 10% and restores 5HP per second for 5 seconds. The 5-second duration is increased to 10 second and the Movement sped is raised to 15% at the maximum level.

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