5 best Free Fire character combinations leaving DJ Alok for January 2021

We take a look at 5 best Free Fire character combinations leaving DJ Alok.

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5 best Free Fire character combinations leaving DJ Alok for January 2021 3

Free Fire is a massively popular battle royale game that has taken the world by storm. Likewise the game has garnered massive popularity all around the world. One of the unique features of this game is that it has unique characters. Likewise the characters all have different abilities and skills that players can use on the battlegrounds. In Free Fire players can merge different abilities by buying skill slots. DJ Alok is an insanely popular character that is seen in almost every squad. In this article we discuss the 5 best Free Fire character combinations without DJ Alok.

(Note: Character combos are entirely by choice and may vary from squad to squad.)

5 best Free Fire Character combinations without DJ Alok

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5 best Free Fire character combinations leaving DJ Alok for January 2021 4

K + Kelly + Misha + Notora

This is a rather cohesive team with each character playing different parts in this combo. K’s Master of All helps in the EP to HP conversion, healing and safeguarding players. This comp however requires you to find a vehicle. Kelly’s agile mobility enables her to find one easily. Misha’s Afterburner then comes into play, improving the driving pace and decreases damage inside the vehicle. Moreover Notora’s Racer’s Blessing restores HP in the vehicle.

Chrono + Kapella + Moco + Hayato

This combo is a very strong all-rounder. Chrono’s ability, Time Turner, blocks incoming damage while increasing move speed. Meanwhile Kapella’s Healing shines through in this force field and ups the effects of Medkit usage. Moco is useful for scouting the area for enemies with her Hacker’s Eye. Lastly Hayato provides some good armor penetration.

Kelly + Hayato + K + Laura

This is a very aggressive team comp with hard hitters in the line-up. K is the most essential character in this team comp. His EP to HP conversion is essential to heal and keep the team healthy. Kelly provides close combat power with Hayato giving a boost with his armor penetration. Laura’s sharpshooter will help when scoped in and getting long range kills.

Caroline + Kelly + Andrew + Miguel

Caroline’s mobility comes in handy in short ranged fights. It makes a huge difference with a shotgun. Andrew’s armor expert provides safety and increases vest durability. Kelly’s pace provides a close combat back-up while Miguel’s ability lets them regain energy when scoring kills.

Laura + Moco + Kelly + K

This line-up blends 4 unique skills with each having their own function. Laura’s Sharpshooter skill increases precision while scoped in. Moco’s Hacker’s Eye lets players scout around. Kelly’s Dash skill lets her re-position and have good close combat. Moreover K is necessary for EP restoration and HP restoration.

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