5 best Free Fire character combinations for rank push after OB27 update

Free Fire players need better character combinations in order to rank push. Here are the 5 best free fire character combinations after the new OB27 update.

best Free Fire character combinations

Best Free Fire character combinations: Free Fire is one of the most loved Battle Royale games in the industry. Adding new features and other related items in to the game makes it more exclusive than before. Recently, Players have experienced the new OB27 update and it is a success. It brought a plenty of changes. Addition of Characters to Free Fire is also another great aspect of the game. Players can combine ability of characters consisting of one active and three passive abilities. It’s one of the exclusive and important aspects of this game because it can be a determining factor in a match.

With the new update impact, players are in search of best player combinations After its release. This page will share the five best character combinations following the latest update of OB27 World Series.

(Disclaimer: This article is based on writer’s prospect. However, it is an individual choice of picking up any character combination of one’s personal choice.)

Five best Free Fire character combinations after the OB27 World Series update

#1 A124 + Jota + Miguel + Kelly

best Free Fire character combinations
A124 character in Free fire
  • A124: Thrill of Battle
  • Jota: Sustained Raids
  • Miguel: Crazy Slayer
  • Kelly: Dash

A124 is one of the strong characters after the update changes. This can conver 20 EP to HP with just 4 seconds of time. It helps when you play rush games. It has a 10 second cooldown. Upon maximum level, converts 60 EP to HP.

IMG 20210419 WA0037 - FirstSportz
Jota character in Free fire

The ability for Jota replenishes 40 HP with a shotgun and SMG weapon each. While the A124 HP convertion makes together stronger.

IMG 20210419 WA0028 - FirstSportz
Miguel character in Free fire

For earch kill you take, you gain 30 EP with Miguel’s Ability and greater EP when you max it. On the other hand, sprinting speed of Kelly’s Dash is increased by 6% at maximum. The update combines the awakened versions and normal abilities with only one slot. You can benefit from it if you have Kelly ‘the Swift.’

IMG 20210419 WA0038 - FirstSportz
Kelly character in Free fire

#2 Alok + Kelly + Ford + Notora

IMG 20210419 WA0031 - FirstSportz
DJ Alok Character in Free Fire
  • Alok: Drop the Beat
  • Kelly: Dash
  • Ford: Iron Will
  • Notora: Racer’s Blessing

This combination is for not rush players and is better choice for rank pushers mostly. The ability of DJ Alok will constantly help players cure for a limited time. Kelly will contribute along with Alok’s increased movement speed to increased sprint speed.

IMG 20210419 WA0036 - FirstSportz
Ford character in Free fire

Ford’s Ability can reduce damage when you are outside the safe zone by 4 percent and is greater for higher level upgrade. On the other hand, Notora while driving a vehicle, Restores HP of everyone on the vehicle by 5HP for every 4.5 seconds. Both together makes it great for rank pushers.

IMG 20210419 WA0027 - FirstSportz
Notora character in Free fire

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#3 Alok + Jota + Miguel + Luqueta

  • Alok: Drop the Beat
  • Jota: Sustained Raids
  • Miguel: Crazy Slayer
  • Luqueta: Hat Trick

This combination is for those who just concentrate on Health restoration tactic. The ability of DJ Alok will constantly help players cure for a limited time. Drop the Beat creates an aura of 5 m, and for 10 seconds it restores five hp. The speed of the ally movement is also increased by 15%. While The ability for Jota replenishes 40 HP with a shotgun and SMG weapon each. Together finishes a great combination.

IMG 20210419 WA0033 - FirstSportz
Luqueta Character in Free Fire

For earch kill you take, you gain 30 EP with Miguel’s Ability and greater EP when you max it. On the other hans, the ability of Luqueta increases the Max HP by 8 to 35 for every kill. All these together makes a great combination of characters.

#4 Wukong + Hayato + Miguel + Maxim

IMG 20210419 WA0035 - FirstSportz
Wukong Character in Free fire
  • Wukong: Camouflage
  • Hayato: Bushido
  • Miguel: Crazy Slayer
  • Maxim: Gluttony

Wukong ability can transforms into a bush, remains for 10 seconds as it is. Has a cooldown of 300 seconds. The bush turns again into character when attacking. CD resets as you kill an enemy. On the other hand, Hayato (Bushido ability )to increase armour penetration during harmful close range fighting shall be helpful. Together makes a great combo

IMG 20210419 WA0041 - FirstSportz
Hayato character in Free fire

Miguel’ crazy Slayer ability can gain EP with kills of SMG and shotgun. And Maxim has a special abilitiy Gluttony which uses med kits as faster by 15 percent. You hit and take cover and can heal quickly.

IMG 20210419 WA0040 - FirstSportz
Maxim character in Free fire

#5 Skyler + Moco + Joseph + Antonio

IMG 20210419 WA0030 - FirstSportz
Skyler character in Free fire
  • Skyler: Riptide Rythm
  • Moco: Hacker’s Eye
  • Joseph: Nutty Movement
  • Antonio: Gangster’s Spirit
IMG 20210419 WA0029 - FirstSportz
Moco Character in Free Fire

Skyler’s Riptide Rhythm capability triggers a sonic wave, which destructs five Gloo Walls within 100 m. The cooldown lasts 40 seconds at the same time. Each Gloo Wall used will also increase HP recovery to the maximum level from 9 HP.

IMG 20210419 WA0039 - FirstSportz
Joseph Character in Free Fire

Hacker’s Eye tags the enemy shot for a particular time, and Nutty Movement increases the user’s speed when hit. Finally, at the beginning of every round, Antonio’s Gangster’s Spirit offers users 35 hp. BR with 235 HP is launched by users.

IMG 20210419 WA0034 - FirstSportz
Antonio Character in Free fire

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