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5 Best Healthy Dinner Options In Winter

Knowing the healthy options for dinner in Winter will help you keep your health and fitness at a green point.

Healthy dinner in winter

There’s always a need to know healthy food options, especially in Winters because as soon as this season comes, the will to eat healthy food like salads and vegetables keeps on decreasing. Knowing the healthy options for dinner in Winter will help you keep your health and fitness at a green point.

The Winter season is full of fresh vegetables and fruits and it’s best to make the most of this delightful stuff while the season lasts.

People make use of seasonal ingredients and warm flavors and these are perfect to enjoy with your family on a chilly winter as this will count as the perfect dinner in winter.

The right dish can make all the difference in this chilly weather, especially when you’re stuck indoors due to the cold outside.

From steamy soups to sheet pan chicken, we’ve come up with the most delicious cold-weather dinner in winter options, each certain to make you feel a little warmer even on the coldest day.

Soups for dinner in winter

Dinner on a cold night is incomplete without a hot and refreshing bowl of soup. Also, soups come with a lot of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

This is one of the healthies options and contains a lot of fibers and proteins. This can even be served along with lemon to give it a twist of immunity-boosting Vitamin-C.

Prepare some mixed vegetable soup with a host of healthy veggies like carrots, French beans, tomatoes, and peas that ensure a hearty, nutritious and extremely delicious meal altogether.

Roasted Vegetables

Since this season is knows for fresh vegetables, you can always roast and have them for dinner.

Carrots, onions, spinach, green beans, amaranth are some of the varieties that can help you stay both healthy and warm this winter and these are loaded with a lot of nutrients like Beta Carotene and Vitamin A.

Adding a little twist to the vegetables by addition of turmeric and allspice can make the vegetables even more delicious.

Whole grains and pulses

Bajra (Pearl Millet), Jowar (Millet), Makkai (Maize), Jau(Barley), Ragi(Finger Millet) are some of the common types of whole grain cereals that can be included in your roti.

Similarly, pulses like Moong Dal can be used not only for dinner but to can savored in the form of Halwa as well. All these are healthy and will not only keep you in shape, however, also warm.

Pepper, Fenugreek and Hing

Indian food is known to be rich due to its array of spices in every meal. Some of the common spices that can help you stay in shape and offer a delicious meal are mustard, asafetida (Hing), black pepper, fenugreek, cumin seeds and dill seeds.

Adding these in your meals like dals and roti’s in dinner will keep you in shape and also cozy.

Adding dry fenugreek to your roti’s and dals for lunch or dinner, can give you not only an appetizing meal but also generate warmth in the body.

Sarson ka Saag!

Sarson ka Saag is a preparation of green sarson leaves, best served with Makke ki roti is a much-awaited delicious Punjabi delicacy.

The saag is not just a flavoursome package but also is a whole bunch of nutrition.

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