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5 Goalkeepers with maximum goals in Serie A

A goalkeeper scoring a goal is one of those rare moments that happen on a football field

A goalkeeper scoring a goal is one of those rare moments that happen on a football field. So today we will be looking into the 5 Goalkeepers with maximum goals in Serie A.

#1. Lucidio Sentimenti – 5 Goals

The number one spot on our list is Lucidio Sentimenti. He is also known as Sentimenti IV, was an Italian footballer from Bomporto in the Province of Modena, who played as a goalkeeper. He started his career with Lazio where he played 172 matches and he managed to get 3 goals under his belt. However, he also managed to score 1 goal in 170 matches during his time in Juventus. And 1 more goal in 59 matches during his time at Modena FC.

Surprisingly he was able to play in many positions including as a striker, due to his excellent shot, Sentimenti was known for being an accurate penalty-kick taker, and very adept with the ball at his feet, possessing a long goal kick and accurate distribution, and was known to be one of the first goalscoring goalkeepers. Nicknamed “Cochi”, he was a reliable, tenacious, and composed goalkeeper.

Lucidio Sentimenti

#2. Antonio Rigamonti – 3 goals

Rigamonti started his career with Atalanta. He made his Serie A debut against Internazionale. He played for 6 seasons in Serie A with teams like Atalanta B.C., Calcio Como, A.C. Milan, and U.S. Cremonese.

In a rare case for a goalkeeper, he was a penalty-kick taker with Calcio Como, scoring 6 goals, including 3 in the Serie A.

Antonio Rigamonti

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#3. Orlando Sain – 2 Goals

Orlando Sain was an Italian footballer who started his career with L’Aquila Calcio and then later went on to play with Inter Milan, Novara, and Genoa. However, during his time in Genoa, he managed to score 2 goals in 29 matches. 

Orlando Sain

#4. Massimo Taibi – 1 Goal

Massimo Taibi is an Italian former footballer, who played as a goalkeeper for several clubs, mostly in Italy. He also had a small stint at Manchester United. On 1 April 2001, Taibi scored a goal with a header off a corner kick in the 87th minute against Udinese to equalize the final score to a 1–1 draw at home. That was his first and only goal as a goalkeeper and also he is the 2nd Goalkeeper to score from an open play after Michelangelo Rampulla. 

Massimo Taibi

#5. Michelangelo Rampulla – 1 Goal

Rampulla started his career with amateur clubs, such as his local team Pattese; he later also played for Cesena and Varese. After three seasons at Varese, Rampulla joined Cremonese in 1985 and became their most important player in the club’s rise to the Serie A league.

Rampulla was the first goalkeeper to score from open play in Serie A history, after he equalized the scoreline with a header at 1-1 away to Atalanta, from a free-kick in the last minute of play.

Michelangelo Rampulla

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