5 Most UNPOPULAR and TOUGHEST missions in GTA!

This is the list of 5 Most UNPOPULAR AND TOUGHEST MISSIONS IN GTA! From my side but even if you say they are difficult I think that we all can agree that Grand theft auto is the greatest game of all time!!

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Grand theft auto also popularly known as GTA is one of the greatest game created in the gaming industry and history as well. I termed this game as the greatest because it gives the users experience of open-world gameplay and so many thrilling and exciting missions to complete. GTA is also well for the designing of its difficult missions and that’s what differentiates GTA from other games is that people get bored after some time by completing easy missions, but Rockstar games knew this and they used this to their advantage by coding and creating such missions which are almost impossible to complete.

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So here are the list of 5 Most UNPOPULAR and TOUGHEST MISSIONS IN GTA:

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5 Most UNPOPULAR and TOUGHEST missions in GTA! 5

Yes you read it right. There’s a mission in GTA-SAN ANDREAS in which “Carl Johnson” the main character has to woo his girlfriend by dancing and using her as a tool to complete the mission forward. At first I thought this was easy but when the speed of the keys appearing on the screen increases and when you can’t keep the tempo of pressing the keys at the same time, that’s when you realise that dancing is not only different in real life but it’s way too difficult in gaming life.

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5 Most UNPOPULAR and TOUGHEST missions in GTA! 6

Yes there is a mission about controlling just a toy RC helicopter but it is not at all easy, like rockstar games have tried to pull the leg of their users by adding this mission, they have coded it so extremely well and complex that you simply just cannot fly it and if you fail to pass it even from a single ring you are directly disqualified. First time in my life I had difficulty controlling an RC toy.


Well, this one is complex and difficult in real life too but here’s where Rockstar games win the hearts of gamers. They have taken the real-world experience to such a height that even in a game find it difficult to control an airplane because of real-world problems which are coded in the game like turbulence, extreme rainfall, bad lighting. They have literally copied and coded the real world into a game.

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5 Most UNPOPULAR and TOUGHEST missions in GTA! 7

There is a mission about the Moto racing championship which happens in the stadium near the San Andreas beach in GTA SAN ANDREAS. They give you 25000 dollars for completing the missions but they have made it so challenging that you may never win the prize money. It is difficult because you have to reach a set amount of speed and do variety of stunts like wheelies, stoppies and in air backflip with the bike and you have to do all this while passing through a ring and wait there’s more to it, you have to do all this in a limited amount of time and chances.

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5 Most UNPOPULAR and TOUGHEST missions in GTA! 8

There’s a Mission where when you kill a famous buisness tycoon, you get 5 crime stars and you have to evade the cops and stay alive. I tried using cheats codes but guess what that they are smarter than all of us, they have kept the cheat codes off purposefully for this specific mission.

This was the last one, but for me, this one was the most difficult one to pass and complete.

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