5 Nutrition Facts You Must Know

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When we think about getting fit and maintaining fitness, first thing come to our mind is proper routine for exercise. But after this, the major thing we come across is our diet, kind of nutrition we intake. There are many myths,we should ignore, but also some true facts, people should believe and follow.

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Diet Fails, we should change our life styles

90 percent people who choose a diet plan fail after some time, or even gain more weight after a period of time.


Most of the diets are restrictive and inflexible. People think that we should give up our favourite food, follow a severe calorie restricted diet and focus on so called fat loss food. Now what happens after some months..??

Yes , They lose some weight as they planned but instead of keeping it continuously, they celebrate their achievement, of course with the outdoor food. This food now harm them more than the heavy diet they were taking at home because their body is not used to it.

So, instead of losing, they gain more. If you want to get a effective way then, It is better to change the lifestyle.

Refined carbohydrates and added sugar are bad for you

Every Nutrition expert agrees on this, refined carbohydrates like white bread, pastries which are processed are bad for you. When they are consumed , spike our insulin and make us insulin resistant leading to a host of chronic diseases.

If a food item is in box or wrapper, it must have some sort of sugar in disguised form.

By replacing refined carbs with complex carbs like vegetables, whole grains and brown rice will not only help you to lose weight but also experiencing a good health.

Supplements can never completely replace your diet

We all know very well, that the food we eat is losing its nutritive value, the way it is grown, the way it is transported and the way we store it and cook it, unless we take every major precautions before buying , transporting and cooking it.

So, some supplements are necessary but they can never fulfill the place of veggies and other dairy products.

There are many compounds that still haven’t discovered yet, supplements don’t provide that.

Eating more vegetables is good for your health

I know that it is difficult to go to grocery store and buy fresh vegetables. Also they seems to be expensive but, It is matter of long – term mindset.

Vegetables are important and if you eat enough everyday, you are giving the body nutrients, that will keep you healthy.
In the long term it will pay off.

There is no perfect diet for everyone

I fully believe in this fact because we all depends on different foods. We eat food based on our culture, upbringing and lifestyle. So a common diet is not suitable. Instead of this, you need to follow a diet which is according to your food intake, its type and your lifestyle.

All these Nutrition facts are helpful in achieving a healthy diet plan and knowledge of nutritive values of food we take.


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