5 Players Who Represented Two Countries In The Same Sport


    Every player wants to play for their country and representing their country in some sport, but it is a huge deal and matter of pride, ISN’T IT?

    The amount of hard work players put in to it to reach these heights are highly appreciable. And there are a lot of players out there who find it extremely hard to make their position into their national teams and eventually fade away without making a mark.

    But still, there are players who represented not only one but 2 countries in the same sport over the International platform.

    But how many of you know about these players….???

    If you don’t, You can find them below…

    1Keepler Wessels

    Kepler Wessels was the first cricketer to have played One Day Internationals for two countries, South Africa and Australia. Wessels made his Test debut playing for Australia against England in November 1982.

    The very next year he played his first one day international in The Australian jersey. Apartheid was removed in 1991 which led ICC to call-off the ban from South Africa. Wessels was also asked to captain the inexperienced South African side for the World Cup Competition in 1992.



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