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5 things to know before PUBG PC goes F2P from January 2022

PUBG PC is going free to play from January 2022. Before jumping into the battlegrounds, players should know about the points mentioned in the article.

PUBG PC goes free to play

PUBG PC has become a global phenomenon since its release which led to the emergence of mobile versions or games getting inspired by the concept of Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds. It is now known that PUBG PC goes F2P (free-to-play) from the next month, however, there are certain things that players should keep in mind if they’re planning to land into the free battlegrounds.

The arrival of PUBG PC took the entire gaming community by storm as it was the sole game that popularised the battle-royale genre globally. The game’s concept was widely appreciated by fans and its easy game play mechanics helped it to gather a fanbase from all corners. Even though PUBG Mobile is still dominating the revenue charts, its PC counterpart was struggling to retain its player base with the arrival of other games. As PUBG PC goes F2P, here are some things to keep in mind.

5 things to know before playing F2P PUBG PC

More players & faster matchmaking

Faster Matchmaking

Since PUBG Battlegrounds will become a free to play game, the player base of the game will significantly increase and the active count of players will shoot up to millions. As a result, players will be to finish the matchmaking process quickly. It also implies that the competition in PUBG PC will become high and players can secure more kills.

Rewards for legacy players

Image Credits: IGN

If you’re someone who already played the PUBG PC paid version from Steam, then Krafton has something exciting for you. The free to play game will provide some exclusive rewards to continue the legacy of PUBG. The rewards range from Corset, gloves, skin and an exclusive name plate.



As a compensation to the players who had purchased PUBG PC, Krafton had announced Battlegrounds+ for the existing players. The Battlegrounds Plus players will get Captain’ Camo Hat, Captain’s Camo Mask, Captain’s Camo Gloves, and additional 1,300 G-Coins (in-game currency). For other players, Battlegrounds+ will be a one time purchase $12.99 (approx Rs. 990)

Pre registration rewards

After announcing the free version of PUBG PC at Game Awards 2021, Krafton had also announced pre-registration rewards for players in abundance. The pre-registrations will continue till 11th January and pre-registered players will be able to get a backpack skins, a top and free coupons.

My PUBG Play Style

Know your play style!

The last event announced with the pre-registration events is My PUBG Play Style. Players need to take a simple quiz which will be based on their game play style. Taking the quiz will help them to know what type of player they are. In addition to that, they will be given rewards such as PUBG Battlegrounds spray can and 10 contraband coupons.

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