5 useless Free Fire characters that need to be removed from the game

Here are 5 useless characters in Free Fire that need to be removed from the game. Only a great buff of additional abilities can save them.

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Free Fire has a wide-character roster which is one of the best additions to the game. Here are the 5 worst Free Fire characters that either require more additions or need to be removed.

Free Fire has a set of unique features unlike other BR titles on the platform. The game will receive a ton of events every month alongside a new Elite pass for each month and periodic updates. As of now, there are a total of 40 characters in the game, but not each character is opted for by players. Some of them are not even used for ages. Here are such 5 useless characters in Free Fire and only a great buff of additional abilities can save them.

5 useless characters in Free Fire that need to be removed

5. Nikita

worst free fire characters

Nikita is a female character in the game and she has a passive ability called Firearms Expert. The title never implies what her skill has. The ability fastens the reload time of SMGs by 4% at the base level and fastens by 24% at the maximum level. This character is never seen used by any player and there are no traces of it in tournaments. Even though the skill has a higher advantage in close range combats with quick reloading speed, the character is not fit to be alive in the game.

4. Olivia

free fire characters

Similar to Nikita, Olivia is a female character with a passive ability called, healing touch. The ability will let the revived player get a 30HP as soon as revived. This is one of the least used characters in the game. The character can be used in tournaments, but still, it is not so opted by the players and thus this is a character that is of no use.

3. Kla

Kla is a male character in Free Fire whose ability is called Muay Thai. He is a wrestler and his ability has no advantage with weapons. His ability can increase the damage to rise by 100% caused by Fist hits. Fistfights are very rare in tournaments and ranked mode matches and thus this character is not so a character that needs to stay in the game. Kla can be used effectively in Clash squad mode and Factory Challenge.

2. Caroline

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Caroline is a female character and her ability is called Agility. her ability can increase the movement speed by 3% when holding a shotgun. Shotguns are not what most players are good at playing with and many choose other guns over shotguns. Since shotguns are not widely used, this character ability is not an ideal one to go with. In reality, who will need a movement speed with shotguns in hand. Shotguns require good accuracy and if you move at a quick rate, you will miss your shot. Thus, this character needs to get a buff.

1. Rafael

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5 useless Free Fire characters that need to be removed from the game 2

Rafael is one of the male characters in Free Fire. His passive ability is called Dead Silent and the name suits his ability. His ability can silence the weapon sound for Sniper rifles and Marksman rifles. Enemies who have been shot with this character will lose HP at a 20% faster rate. Similar to shotguns, Snipers are not the kind of guns that every player is aware of them. They need a lot of skill and by the way, who needs a silencing effect in the game. It is a different case when you are playing passively but aggressive players they like noise and bloodshed. For those, this character is never a good one and thus it is a character that requires a buff.

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