“It was scary as you aren’t very sure what to expect” – Sania Mirza opens up about the time she contracted COVID-19

Sania Mirza tested positive for the Covid-19 in the early months of 2021.

Sania Mirza

Indian tennis star Sania Mirza recently opened up about her battle against COVID-19 by addressing a message to her fans on her struggles.

According to her, the hardest part of her recovery was her prolonged stay away from her kid and her family. Mirza then urged her fans and followers to follow the COVID-19 prevention guideline in order to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

‘The toughest part was to stay away from my 2 year old and family’ – Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza

The six-time Grand Slam winner recently took to twitter to share her experience with the virus and gave an update on her current status. “Just a bit of info as to what’s been going on since the year began.. I had contracted Covid 19 – I am healthy and absolutely fine now by grace of the almighty but I just wanted to share my experience. I was lucky to not have any major symptoms for the most part of it, but I was in isolation and the toughest part was to stay away from my 2 year old and family,” Sania said.

Mirza then detailed as to how the isolation was extremely taxing for her physical and mental health. “I can’t even imagine what ppl and their families are going through when ppl are sick in hospital all alone and by themselves..it was scary as you aren’t very sure what to expect and hear so many different things and stories. You get a new symptom everyday and the uncertainty of it is extremely hard to deal with not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well,” Mirza added. 

The tennis star then urged her followers to stick to the Coronavirus prevention guidelines religiously. “I just want to say after having been through it, I was fortunate to be more or less ok through out it all, but to be away from my family was one of the scariest things – to not know when I’ll see them again..this virus is no joke, I took all the precautions as I could but still contracted it ..we must do everything we can to protect our friends and family.. wear your masks ,wash your hands and protect yourself and your loved ones..we are in this fight together,” Mirza concluded. 

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