A huge Match Announced For Next Week’s Monday Night RAW


This could be the match that would finally provide what the franchise had been lacking in the past few days, given unavailability of stars, lack of creative story lines and an absence of crowd reactions. The match that is announced is an unofficial rematch of the Wrestlemania match between Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens.

This year’s Westlemania might now have the same sheen and lusture about it, but there were some quality matches where opponents outperformed each other. One such being the match between The Architect and Kevin Owens.

Athought it was a non title match, it lacked nowhere in terms of high octane performances and gut wrenching moments. WWE seemed to have given a huge push to Kevin ovens when he scored a clean pinfall over the Architect and it was believed that now he would be one of the main faces of the show, however as it turned out to be, he’s just a second choice behind Rey Mysterio who is locked in a feud with Rollins currently.

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As with the case Humberto Carillo and Aleister Black, Kevin Owens also adds to that laundry list of names who are victims of creative bankruptcy by WWE writers and hence find themselves latching on to other people’s programmes. This is the same Kevin ovens who once had a dominance over the Universal title and feuded with the likes of Legends like Goldberg and Chris Jericho.

However one positive point could be the amount of screen time he’s getting, while the creative team find a suitable storyline for him. Taking about Rollins, he could very well be taking the fall against Mysterio , given that Mysterio is one of the most loved faces of the industry and the story line includes the very old strategy to make the story appealing, proving his( Mysterio) worth to his family.

Given that their feud is to come to an end at Extreme rules, Rollings fight have to bury the hatchet with a defeat to the greatest Under-Dog in the history of WWE and a dedicated father.

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