Male vs Female Character In Free Fire: A124 vs Chrono – Who Is Best In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

Chrono and A124 both are Free Fire characters with unique abilities in-game. Here in this article we will compare A124 with Chrono to check who is best in free fire clash squad mode.

chrono vs A124
Chrono vs A124

Free Fire has a huge character roster with unique abilities and different skill types. There are a total of 39 characters available in the game and developers are dropping new characters with each new update but Who is best in Free Fire?. Chrono is one of the most popular character in the game he was introduced in collaboration with famous footballer “Christiano Ronaldo”.

On the other hand A124 is one of the earliest characters with an active skill and has some of the best skills in the game. Here we will discuss who is best in free fire among A124 vs Chrono in Clash Squad Mode.

A124 Ability: Thrill Of Battle

a124 vs dj alok
A124 Ability

A124 is one of the female characters in Free Fire and she has an active ability named “Thrill of Battle“. Her in-game description says that she is a robot made with modern technologies.

At her base level, she can convert 25 Energy Points (EP) quickly into Health Points (HP) with a cooldown period of 90 seconds. At the maximum level, her ability can convert 50 EP into HP with a much lesser cooldown period of 60 seconds. Which can be extremely useful in the close encounter as you can restore 50 HP instantly which gives you an extra edge over the enemy in clash squad mode.

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Chorno Ability (Time Turner)

A124: who is best in free fire
Chrono Ability

Chrono’s ability is called “Time Turner” his in-game description reads as he is the bounty hunter from the future. He creates a force-field that blocks 600-incoming damage from enemies. Allies and the players can take shelter inside the zone and even shoot from inside it. However, earlier it used to provide 30% movement speed to the player and 15% movement speed to allies,

After the OB27 Update, this ability provides no movement speed to allies and only provides 15% movement speed to the player. Moreover, the cooldown for this ability has been increased to 170 seconds, which is more than double of its earlier version.

A124 vs Chrono: Who Is Best In Free Fire

Chrono and A124 both the characters have incredible abilities and both are useful in various situations.

Due to the OB27 nerf to Chrono’s ability, he is significantly weaker in this patch. The biggest hit to his ability is the increased cooldown period which ensures he can’t use his ability as often. This is a significant nerf and is bound to take his power down a couple of notches.

A124’s ability coverts EP to HP very quickly which can be useful in some intense combat situations. On the other hand, Chrono creates a force field to protect his teammates while improving their movement speed.

Comparing both the characters, it draws to a conclusion that A124’s ability is more versatile and useful than Chrono which makes him better than Chrono in free fire clash squad mode. A124 is available for purchase in Free Fire in-game shop for 499 diamonds whereas Chrono can be bought for 599 diamonds.

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