Aether Minecraft: All features and how to download

The Aether in Minecraft is one of the best and most popular mods to ever exist and takes the player on a journey to heavens!

Aether Minecraft
Aether Minecraft mod

Minecraft mods are very popular due to it changing the whole game[play experience of the player and even introducing new storylines. In this article we talk about the Aether Minecraft mod and discuss what’s it all about.

Minecraft mods are varied and may present the players with interesting new biomes, mobs, places and more. Among all the mods, the Aether Minecraft is one the biggest and one of the most popular. The mod takes us to the opposite of the Nether Realm and is touted as the heaven in Minecraft, in contrast to Nether being the hell.

Down below we take a look at all the features that the Aether Minecraft Mod has to offer.

Aether Minecraft

Aether Minecraft
Aether Minecraft

The Aether Minecraft is one of the biggest mods in the game and it released on July 22nd, 2011. The game also received a new update, The Aether II: Genesis of The Void, which was released on June 11, 2012.

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The mob allows the player to travel to a heavenly realm through a portal similar to the Nether portal, only difference is that it is made out of Glowstone blocks and players need to put water on it to activate it.

The game also introduces many new mobs, blocks, weapons, armor, accessories and most importantly the Dungeons. The player spawns onto a heavenly floating island where tools from the normal world are less effective. Players must acquire new items and tools if they want to explore the Overworld of Aether in Minecraft.

Aether Minecraft
Aether Minecraft

The Dungeons are one of the most important aspects of the mod and has three dungeons: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

  • The Bronze Dungeons contain many mobs and a boss mob that the players need to defeat. The boss for this dungeon can only be hurt through the use of tools.
  • The Silver Dungeon has numerous mobs called Valkyrie which don’t attack the players unless attacked. But the players can only get to the Boss room by killing 10 Victory Medals by killing Valkyries. The boss can be hurt with any weapon.
  • The Gold Dungeon contains the final boss, the Sun Spirit and it doesn’t have any other mobs. Players need to defeat it otherwise they have to delete the map from Minecraft. Players can only defeat this boss by redirecting its attacks at itself.


Aether Minecraft
Aether Minecraft

This mod can be downloaded from either the Technic Launcher or through manual installation.

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