AFI not at all keen on relaxing the norms, IGP still on schedule


Resumption of sports, finally became a reason that excited every athlete, ever since the pandemic halted the world. But now, with many sporting events pushing, it is being very frustrating for some of them. For (AFI) Athlete Federation of India, this time they are not at all keen on relaxing the norms citing health and securities issues.

AFI has made it very clear, that the players who left the Sports Authority of India centers, in Patiala and Bengaluru would not be included in the national camp. This doesn’t end here, but also their participation in the scheduled Indian Grand Prix that is supposed to held on September 12, is also ‘uncertain’.

Quartermiler Arokia Rajiv, 400m hurdler Jabir MP, javelin thrower Vipin Kasana and race-walker Manish Rawat, these are among those players who have gone home and are training on their own. Out of these, Jabir and Manish have been named in the latest National Camp, which was updated this month while Kasana and Rajiv ever since lockdown have been training in Patiala.

AFI going strict, IGP on schedule

AFI president, Adille Sumariwala told Sportstar, “We are clear on this. Those who have gone back will not be part of National Camp. They their state associations and employers all have been informed accordingly.”

Sumariwala reiterated, “The SOPs are there for a reason. These athletes will not be back in the National Camp. As for their participation in the IGP or other events, we will decide later.”

“It was an urgent family emergency, he explained it to us, left and came back within couple of days and is isolated right now. That’s different,” Sumariwala explained when he was asked about Neeraj Chopra, who had also gone home.

He further talked about Indian Grand Prix, the first competition after the resumption which was earlier expected to held as scheduled but as for now there is no official statement on it.

He said, “We are monitoring situation on a day-to-day basis. We are in constant contact with the sports Ministry, the Punjab government, SAI and the MHA on this. As of now it is on and final decision will be taken about 15 days before the actual date and arrangements made accordingly.”

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