After BIG3 it’s Dominic Thiem: says former World No.1


Speaking on the Eurosport podcast ‘Tennis legends’ in conversation with Mats Wilander, former World No.1 Stefan Edberg has asserted that after ‘The BIG 3’ of tennis, Austrian player, Dominic Thiem is the most likely candidate to rule the Tennis world.

Edberg was asked which player is closest to overcoming the ‘BIG 3’ to which he replied, “I think Dominic Thiem. He showed that he could have won the Australian Open this year very easily. It was a great opportunity for him. If Rafa is not there, he will win Roland Garros one day. He is probably the closest today, I’d say.”

”At the same time, Zverev has shown a lot of potential, he’s lost his track a little bit… but it doesn’t take much to get back on the right track again. Tsitsipas has shown something… He’s definitely also knocking on the door. I can probably add some more. But Dominic Thiem, I’d say for the moment.”

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Further, Stefan also laid emphasis on how the game is more developed now, and how players are more fitter than ever.

“I don’t think that will happen today because the game has progressed and is so different that everyone is more trained, has more experience and takes longer to enter the tour. Therefore, it is a different environment.” Stefan said.

Russia’s Maria Sharapova, who was only 19, was the last teenager to win a major the 2006 US Open and before that, it was Rafael Nadal who turned 19 during his run to 2005 French Open title.

Coming back on Dominic Thiem, who is currently ranked no.3 in the world rankings. And has came so far long, in his career as he has secured 1 ATP Tour single titles and also reached 3 Grand Slam titles.

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