After Noble even XTZ disbands their Valorant Roster with psy, The roster is now Free again for the second time

In this article we take a look at the latest news that XTZ disbands their Valorant Roster and the reasons behind the same.


Simar Sethi “psy” and his roster played for Noble Esports in the beginning and had proved themselves by winning many tournaments. They have won many prestigious Tournaments in India like the Asus ROG Showdown and Nimo TV Pro-Streamer.
They entered India with a 5 man Valorant Roster on September 10th 2020. The Roster had famous Indian Valorant Players SSSami, Noble Rexy, Noble Harshhh, Noble Hikka, and Noble psy. Later they parted ways with Noble esports on 21st November 2020. The latest news states that XTZ disbands their Valorant Roster.

After Parting ways with Noble Esports they got into XTZ Esports and played tournaments for XTZ Esports. The news has hit that XTZ disbands their Valorant Roster.
Here is a detailed information about parting ways with XTZ Esports.

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XTZ disbands their Valorant Roster in a shocking reveal

In this we take a look at why XTZ disbands their Valorant Roster:

XTZ Esports was a popular Valorant roster that had participated in many tournaments. However in a shocking turn of events, XTZ Esports have decided to split up and not play together any further. XTZ ended up splitting due to various reasons.

In a video on Youtube, it stated that the disband came into play as many things weren’t lining up for them. The full blame isn’t on XTZ Esports as well. The lack of a boot camp or new peripherals were stated as a few of the reasons.

But at the end, this led to XTZ Esports releasing the players from under their banner. The 5 players from the roster have also decided not to stick together.

The 5 members are still good friends as of now. However as stated by them the team performance was getting low day by day. This led to a lack of synergy in the matches and many losses in the future matches.

The official announcement is yet to be made by XTZ Esports. However the announcement is expected to arrive by 16th February 2021.

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