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AICF Chief Selector R.B. Ramesh Resigns

Just when the All India Chess Federation couldn’t have been more haphazard, comes another blow as Chief R.B.Ramesh steps down from his post. With the ongoing chaos happening between both factions regarding the selection of the players. This was the last thing that was being expected by AICF members. The outspoken former chief is assumed to resign because he cannot work any further in the politized environment.

However, before resigning from his position at AICF, Ramesh sent the team to FIDE following some changes to the teams proposed by both factions.

Meanwhile Viswanathan Anand and K. Humpy have both confirmed to take part in the Online Olympiad and have sent their confirmations to faction leader, Bharat Singh Chauhan.

As per the criteria of selection, there have been two changes made in the Indian Team, one of which is Aravindh Chithambaram came in for B. Adhiban and second being R.Vaishali in for Tania Sachdev. The decision to leave out Tania was taken after she failed to meet the AICF’s selection criteria of playing a minimum of 9 norm-games over a period of six months, she played only 7.

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