AIFF conducted a web-based FIFA MA tutorial for Referees

AIFF conducted a web-based FIFA MA tutorial for Referees


AIFF (All India Football Federation) conducted a web-based FIFA MA tutorial for Referees for two days (21st-22nd July). The curriculum primarily focuses on regulation revisions and handball definitions on Tuesday and Wednesday, among others.

Uzbekistan’s Farkhad Abdullaev has been the curriculum lecturer for the same, attended by fifty referees.

On the two-day course, recent changes were discussed in the game rules, handball definitions, penalty area events and the referees’ football understandings.

“We had a good chance to discuss amendments in the laws of the game 2020-21 and clarify many important aspects. Like accidental handball situations followed by an immediate goal or offside offences. We had an in-depth discussion on penalty area incidents and offside decisions.” – Abdullaev talked about.

The Uzbek has acted as a professional coach in four FIFA World Cups, including Russia in 2018, and two AFC Asian Cup editions.

“With the support of AFC and FIFA, they will get the opportunities to improve themselves, but a real-match experience is of utmost importance. Local, qualified instructors should be involved closely and all the match situations from leagues should be analysed deeply.

In addition, he indicated the value of ‘real-match experience’ for referee’s growth.

“Local instructors and assessors play a very important role in developing the referees. What people do at the local level, needs to be polished at a higher level (AFC and FIFA).” – he added.

Rahul Gupta during the AIFF FIFA MA Course:

Rahul Gupta, a referee from the FIFA board, clarified how this course helped him “greatly enhance the skills of refereeing.”

“I personally have a lot of clarity regarding the match-changing situations. Penalty box incidents, handball and so on, which will, in turn, enhance my refereeing skills,” – Gupta said.

“Mr. Farkhad clarified the law amendments of 20/21 with video analysis, that helped us understand the motive of the amendment and implementation for my upcoming assignments,” – AIFF Referee of the Year, Venkatesh R said.

Abdullaev said he desires more Indian officials at FIFA and AFC panels in the immediate future.

“India is a very big country and it is not easy to get everyone to participate in a seminar. But online education can help us. I hope to see more Indian referees and assistant referees in AFC and FIFA level within 1-2 years.”

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