AIFF organizes the FIFA MA Training online for referee evaluators


From Tuesday through Thursday (14-16 July, 2020) the All India Football Federation conducted an online FIFA MA course for Refereree Assessors. There were 48 officials completing the school, including three-woman Referee Assessors/Evaluators. Mr Farkhad Abdullaev of Uzbekistan has been named as the professor of the same course. Over the three-day course, recent changes in the game rules, handball definitions, penalty area events and referees’ football understandings were discussed.

“Usually, we spend more time on handball situations during a course — because handball situations need to be discussed and understood properly. There were new amendments in the laws of the game this year. They were to be explained in details as well.” – Mr. Abdullaev said.

Abdullaev was the Technical Instructor in four FIFA World Cups. The Uzbek coach was also involved in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and two AFC Asian Cup editions.

Moreover, while evaluating their success throughout the course, he praised the ‘solidarity’ among the Indian referee evaluators.

“Overall, all of them possess a good understanding of the laws of the game and practical refereeing, but there are always some areas which need to be clarified. I can see they have good solidarity and always try to help each other. I observed it during group discussions.” – he added.

He recommended holding a live session to also “minimize the difference” along with referees and evaluators.

“A discussion between Assessors and Referees is beneficial as it will minimise the gap of different understanding in some critical situations. Next time, I would prefer to have referees and assessors in the same classroom for live courses. It will help to build a better understanding amongst them.”

A total of 48 referee evaluators attended the course from all over India.

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