AJ Styles and Omos def the Viking Raiders to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships

AJ Styles and Omos def the Viking Raiders to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships

AJ Styles and Omos def the Viking Raiders at Money in the Bank

The Raw Tag Team Championships were on the line at Money in the Bank where AJ Styles and Omos battled the Viking Raiders. Though the match didn’t have an interesting storyline, the performance of both the teams were outstanding. In the end, AJ Styles and Omos def the Viking Raiders.

The match saw AJ Styles manhandled by the Raiders with Omos not getting much opportunity to come in. Styles was seen being pissed between the three behemoths but still he left no stone unturned to fight the two big men.

The strength of Omos was incomparable and was seen throwing large superstars like Ivar. He slammed Erik and pinned him to retain the title but both the teams made a valiant effort.

The match started with the Viking Raiders trying to dismantle Omos but things go the other way. Styles got tagged in and was taken down with viking strikes. The former world champion fought back with dropkicks and tagged Omos in. The big champion threw Styles outside the ring and the latter takes Erik down with a hurricanrana mid-air.

Styles comes back in and applies a submission hold on Erik. Ivar came in and took Styles down with a sideslam. AJ Styles though fought back with a jawbreaker and tagged Omos in. Omos delivered a scoop slam to Ivar and tagged Styles in. The Viking Raiders delivered the Viking experience to AJ but Omos threw Erick into the cover to save the titles. Omos then delivered a slam to Ivar to retain the titles.

Here’s what the reactions say as AJ Styles and Omos def the Viking Raiders:

Sean Ross was shocked after AJ Styles delivered the hurricanrana mid-air. Said Styles was 44

Gary Cassidy said that AJ Styles and Omos wrestled twce in front of the WWE universe and that they were cheered both the times.

Louis Dangoor was impressed with the partnership between AJ Styles and Omos.

Fans were also shocked after Styles planted Erik md-air outside the ring and called him the best wrestler of the world