Ajjubhai receives over 20 fake copyright strikes last month: Asks YouTube to take notice

In this article we take a look at the latest news that Ajjubhai receives copyright strikes on YouTube and wasn't able to counter them.

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Free Fire content creators are very popular in India at this moment. Among them, the most popular is Ajjubhai or better known as Total Gaming. Moreover, he is possibly the biggest Indian Free Fire content creator on YouTube. In this article we take a look at the news that Ajjubhai receives copyright strikes in the last month.

The mobile esports scene in India has been taking off lately with Free Fire and PUBG mobile. Likewise, the fanbase for these games are constantly growing. Major tournaments are being held throughout the world and in every region.

Various streams, content creators and professional players have been drawn to the games. Free Fire YouTubers have seen a major rise in the last two years. Total Gaming is the most popular Free Fire YouTuber as of now. Likewise, the channel has over 21 million subscribers on YouTube.

The major personality behind Total Gaming is Ajjubhai. He has 2.5 million followers on Instagram and posts Free Fire content.

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Ajjubhai faces fake copyright strikes

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Ajjubhai’s Instagram Story

Recently, Total Gaming shared an important story on his Instagram. Likewise, this concerned fake copyright claims over his YouTube videos.

The story stated that although he had received them earlier, he didn’t talk about them because they got countered. But for some reason the recent copyright strikes were not countered.

Below we take a look at the story of Ajjubhai receives copyright strikes:

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Ajjubhai’s Instagram Story

It was also revealed that in the past two months he had received over 20 copyright notices. Moreover, 7 of them were notices and some were claims. These generally tend to be fake and get countered.

However YouTube has failed to counter the recent strikes making the content creator worried. He has called out for YouTube to take notice and resolve the issue as soon as possible. A quick response from YouTube is expected to counter these fake claims.

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