Ajjubhai vs TSG Jash: Garena Free fire Stats Comparison


This article is all about the Ajjubhai vs TSG Jash in Garena free fire stats comparison. Here is all you need to know about. Read on to know more about them. Free Fire has steadily climbed to the top of battle royale genres in the recent years. The game has garnered a strong player base all around the globe.

Naturally various content creators have flocked to the game and provide content for their audience. Streaming and YouTubing are the two most popular forms of the said content. Ajjubhai and TSG Jash are two popular gaming content creators on YouTube from India, focusing on the popular battle royale game

Note: The Statistical data in the article were noted at the time of writing. They are maybe change as the players continue to play more games in Free Fire.

Ajjubhai’s Overview

His Free Fire ID is 451012596.Ajjubhai’s real name is Ajay. Ajjubhai is the most popular Free Fire content creator on Indian YouTube platform. He provides engaging content and commentary for his audience. And has played 10109 squad matches and has won on 2516 occasions, maintaining a win rate of 24.88%. With 37051 frags to his name.

He has a K/D ratio of 4.88 in this mode. Ajjubhai has also played 897 solo matches and has triumphed in 77 of them, translating to a win rate of 8.58%. He has 2264 kills in these matches, with a K/D ratio of 2.76.

When it comes to the duo mode, the Indian content creator has played 1641 games and has emerged victorious in 306 of them, making his win rate 18.64%. In the process, he has eliminated 6402 opponents at a K/D ratio of 4.80.

Ranked stats: In the ongoing ranked season, Ajjubhai has played 241 squad games and has 36 victories to his name, making his win rate 14.93%. He has registered 722 kills at a K/D ratio of 3.52 in this mode.

The popular YouTuber has also played 3 duo matches and has secured a single win, maintaining a win rate of 33.33%. He has registered 5 kills in these matches, with a K/D ratio of 2.50. And has played 10 solo games and has 1 Booyah to his name, translating to a win rate of 10%. He has killed 19 opponents in this mode and has a K/D ratio of 2.11.

TSG Jash’s Overview

His Free Fire ID is 123643969. The YouTuber has also played 2476 duo matches and has triumphed in 254 of them, having a win ratio of 10.25%. With 4880 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 2.20. Lastly, the internet star has 110 first-place finishes in 1340 solo games, equating to a win percentage of 8.20%. He has 3104 frags with a K/D ratio of 2.52.

TSG Jash has competed in 6945 squad games and has won 1646 of them, retaining a win rate of 23.70%. He has eliminated 16540 foes and has retained a K/D ratio of 3.12.

Ranked stats: He streamer played one solo game and has four eliminations. The content creator has two solo games against his name and has a single victory, coming down to a win ratio of 50%. He has secured 14 frags with a K/D ratio of 14.

He  has participated in 35 squad games and has bettered his foes in two of them, making his win rate 5.71%. And he has 60 kills with a K/D ratio of 1.82.


It is impossible to compare the ranked solo and duo stats since the players haven’t played many matches. Simultaneously, Ajjubhai has a higher K/D ratio and better win rate in the squad games. Ajjubhai has the lead in the lifetime solo, duo, and squad matches on both the fronts, that is K/D ratio and win rate.

So this is all about the Ajjubhai vs TSG Jash in Garena free fire stats comparison.

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