Alan Walker plays Call of Duty (COD) Warzone

In this article we take a look at the recent stream of Alan Walker plays COD and the related stream moments.


Call of Duty: Warzone is a very popular game in the gaming community. The game was released in 2019 and is a first-person shooter game. Likewise it is developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. Moreover the game is available on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. Recently we find that Alan Walker plays COD Warzone.

The game features both single-player campaigns and also multiplayer battles. The multiplayer mode is especially popular with players. Moreover this mode is fast paced and competitive, giving the players the thrill of battle. The games also feature several unique maps with varied locations and covers.

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Alan Walker plays COD Warzone

Alan Walker is a famous DJ and record producer from Norway. he attainted international fame after his single ‘Faded’ became an instant hit throughout the world. Therefore he is a big name in the music industry.

The musician is no stranger to internet fame, having more than 38 million subscribers on YouTube. However beside music, Alan also seems to be into games. His YouTube channel contains some game play streams.

Likewise very recently, Alan Walker plays COD Warzone with a few of his friends. The stream was held on YouTube and the chosen game was COD: Warzone multiplayer mode. This clash of music and games led to a huge viewership to the stream. The stream was also joined by Vikkstar, CallumL3M and Average Jonas.

The stream was conducted only 16 hours ago on 9th February 2021. Moreover Alan played quite well, knocking enemies. However he himself got knocked many times without getting any kills.

Moreover Alan wanted to conduct a giveaway for his YouTube subscribers. This is due to his YouTube channel hitting 38 million subscribers. Alan Walker interacted with his fans and provided engaging gameplay with fluid commentary.

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