“Dana wants to end this division,” Amanda Nunes confirms the news that Dana White wants to scrap women’s featherweight division

Amanda Nunes talks about Dana White's plan to scrap the women's featherweight division.

Amanda Nunes Dana White
Amanda Nunes and Dana White

There were many rumors and speculations that UFC and Dana White want to scrap the entire women’s featherweight division, but the champion Amanda Nunes is not looking to say goodbye to her double-champ status anytime soon.

Amanda Nunes
Amanda Nunes

Nunes defeated Megan Anderson in her last title defense and Megan was released by the UFC after that fight, she also hinted that UFC wants to scrap the entire featherweight division. In a recent interview with Combate, Nunes said, “Dana wants to end this division, but I told him that, as long as I’m champion, I want it open.”

She continued, “I think the issue with the featherweight [division] is talent. I think it’s hard to find talented girls in this division. I could be wrong, but we’re seeing that the girls that fought Cris [Cyborg] needed a little bit more. Not that they are bad athletes, but they needed some work.”

Nunes also talked about her former opponent Megan Anderson, she said, “She’s huge. We look at her and she looks like a giraffe [laughs]. But are lionesses afraid of giraffes? They go right for the neck.”

Nunes believes the real reason they aren’t having any success with this division is because its hard-to-find girls in this weight class, and she believes that the day will come where they can find right girls.

“I’ll wait, I’m sure they will find someone,” she said. “They did that with Cris, brought in girls from God knows where to fight her. And even bantamweights will want to move up in weight so they get more comfortable. It’s better that way for me. Having an actual division or not, it doesn’t matter to me.”

“Pena is reckless,” Amanda Nunes talked about her next opponent Julianna Pena

Julianna Pena Amanda Nunes
Julianna Pena vs Amanda Nunes

Nunes is booked to face Julianna Pena, and she thinks she’s a tough opponent but she will taste defeat like everyone else.

“[Pena] is reckless,” Nunes said of her upcoming challenger. “She takes you down but gets lost there. She doesn’t have a tight jiu-jitsu, and that’s when I plan on finishing the fight. She will come forward, pressure me and hope for the best, and that’s when I’ll use my angles, my kicks, my front kicks, my calf kicks, my knees, my elbows… Everything will be on point to use when she goes crazy.”

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