Amitbhai vs B2K (Born2Kill): Who Has Better Stats In Free Fire For July 2021?

Amitbhai and B2K are both popular Free Fire content creators on YouTube. Here in this article we will compare their in-game stats in Amitbhai vs B2K (Born2Kill) for July 2021.

amitbhai vs b2k
Amitbhai vs B2K (Born2Kill)

Free Fire has a huge community of streamers worldwide when it comes to terms of viewers and subscribers on Youtube. Amitbhai vs B2K (Born2Kill) are two big YouTube channels in figures in Free Fire community. B2K, aka Born2Kill, is one of the most well-known Free Fire content creators in the world. The Tunisian player is known for his exceptional skills and gameplay.

Desi Gamers is a popular YouTube channel with over 10.7 million subscribers owned by Amitbhai. Here in this article we will compare Free Fire stats in Amitbhai vs Ajjubhai to know who is the best player in Free Fire.

Amitbhai vs B2K (Born2Kill): Lifetime Stats Comparison

Amitbhai Lifetime Stats
Amitbhai Lifetime Stats

Squad Lifetime Stats Comparison

StatsAmitbhaiB2K (Born2Kill)
Free Fire ID206746194320653047
KD Ratio3.596.97
b2k lifetime stats
B2K Lifetime Stats

Duo Lifetime Stats

StatsAmitbhaiB2K (Born2Kill)
Free Fire ID206746194320653047
KD Ratio3.195.49

Solo Lifetime Stats

StatsAmitbhaiB2K (Born2Kill)
Free Fire ID206746194451012596 
KD Ratio2.503.76

Who Is Best In Free Fire Stats Comparison?

Both players have tremendous stats of Lifetime and are hugely admired by their viewers. When compared to their stats, B2K aka Born2Kill has better Lifetime stats. He has a higher K/D ratio in all three modes but with less win rate when compared to Amitbhai.

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Ranked Stats Comparison

Amitbhai Ranked Stats
Amitbhai Ranked Stats

Squad Ranked Stats

StatsAmitbhaiB2K (Born2Kill)
Free Fire ID206746194320653047
KD Ratio12.400.00
b2k ranked stats
B2K Ranked Stats

Duo Ranked Stats

StatsAmitbhaiB2K (Born2Kill)
Free Fire ID206746194320653047
KD Ratio3.370.00

Solo Ranked Stats

StatsAmitbhaiB2K (Born2Kill)
Free Fire ID206746194320653047
KD Ratio3.000.00

Who Is the Best in Free Fire Ranked Stats Comparison?

Amitbhai vs B2K (Born2Kill)

Looking at the Ranked Stats in Free Fire, It is clearly visible that Amitbhai has played more games than B2K and thus having better stats in all three modes including all aspects such as Wins, kills, K/D ratio in the newly introduced ranked season.

Upon comparing both the players in-game stats of Free Fire, it concludes that B2K is the clear winner in Amitbhai vs B2K (Born2Kill) who is best in free fire as he has got good overall stats in this comparison.

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