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“I will never burnout”: Amouranth explains why she won’t quit Twitch anytime soon

Hitting out her haters and trolls she receives, the Twitch star Amouranth has explained that why she wont quit the platform anytime soon.

Amouranth explains why she wont quit Twitch

Often known as the richest female Twitch streamer, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is always stealing headlines in the Twitch community partly due to her controversies and her cosplay videos. For her unconventional streaming content, she has often faced community backlash and hatred. She might be making an astonishing amount of money from her Twitch and YouTube videos but Amouranth has time and again revealed the other side of her life. Despite of several bans from the popular streaming platform, the streamer has now explained that why she won’t quit the platform anytime soon.

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Amouranth explains why she won’t quit Twitch

Amouranth’s Twitch career

Amouranth had a topsy turvy this year at Twitch as even though this “hot tub streamer” was banned due to her controversial videos and explicit content several times, she was crowned as Twitch’s top female star, she also received record viewing hours in the platform during the previous year. Even though her social media life is a roller coaster ride every year, fans are oblivious about her personal life.

Amouranth is much active on social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram. Recently, she tweeted from her personal account that she will continue to create content on Twitch even though she faces hatred from the community. She explains, “My boundless energy comes from the compulsion to prove my haters wrong” implying that most of her viewers were indeed haters but they motivate her to do better everyday.

“I’m liable to go broke gave me such a depression era mentality that the outcome in reality is actually diametrically opposed”, she hit out on her haters that even if they try to bring her down, she will continue to create content on Twitch for her fans and is not leaving the platform anytime soon in order to prove her haters wrong.


Amouranth is always known for being an outspoken personality who has brought the dark sides of stardom in front of everyone. She had earlier opened up on how the “dangers” of Twitch and the harassment faced by almost every female streamer threatens her. She had also mentioned the hate she faces in an interview but that does not stop her from accelerating daily in her career.

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