Anderson, Broad eye Ashes 2020-21 before retirement


Swing masters James Anderson and Stuart Board have been one of the most consistent wicket-takers for England in test cricket since they have dawned the team’s jersey, but now when they are in the last phase of their respective career, they have asserted that their eyes are on the upcoming 2020-21 Ashes series for bidding goodbye to the cricketing world.

During the Instagram live with Anderson, Board told, “I don’t think I could go until your age.”

Board praised Anderson by saying, “Your action’s so smooth, it looks a lot calmer on your body whereas mine is a little more forceful through my body I think. But I’m loving the environment at the minute. I love playing for England.”

“I still have huge motivation to keep playing and you just assess that year by year. And we’ve got that carrot dangling over us of Australia in Australia which looks like an achievable carrot to grab,” he added.

Anderson wished, if he could stay fit like earlier he used to be then he would not have stepped back from the England’s bid to reclaim the Ashes.

Anderson said, “The big thing is standards. If your standards feel like they’re dropping then yeah you might consider finishing.”

He ended the session by saying to their fan’s that, “But as long as my standards stay high, my fitness levels stay good and my skills stay where I want them to be and my speed stays pretty good which they have been(I’ll keep playing).”


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