WATCH : Andre Agassi weighs in his opinion on the Big 3’s dominance on the court

Andre Agassi talks about the Big 3 and who he sees as the next generation who will dominate in the coming years.

Andre Agassi on the Big 3
Andre Agassi on the Big 3

Andre Agassi, the former World No. 1 from America is one of the most decorated tennis player in the Open Era and dominated the court for the 2 decades he played on the tour.

Agassi won 8 Grand Slams, Gold in the 1996 Olympics and was also part of 3 Davis Cup winning teams. In total Agassi won 60 titles which ranks him on the 10th position in terms of titles won in the Open Era.

Agassi along with fellow countryman Pete Sampras ruled the 90s and were involved in one of the fiercest rivalry in the history of tennis. The duo met on the court 34 times and is one of the most talked rivalry of the game.

Every time there’s a discussion of domination and rivalries in tennis, the Big 3 comprising of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are always mentioned who have won 58 of the 70 Grand Slams that have been contested since 2003.

Tennis fans are always excited to know what the former champions have to say on the current champions and Agassi was not spared either. Andre Agassi was recently a guest on ‘The Ranveer Show’ an interview hosted by Ranveer Allahbadia on YouTube and talked about his auto-biography ‘Open’, Big 3 and various other things.

Answering the question about the Big 3’s dominance, Andre Agassi said, “I think we are in an amazing time where we had the privilege of watching over the last 15 years, three guys win 58 Grand Slams. What is that 14 years of 3 guys winning the Grand Slams and they having to beat each other.”

“First thing that crosses my mind, can you imagine one of these guys playing tennis during an era when the other two weren’t there. I mean how many will they possibly have.” continued Agassi.

“It’s remarkable to have the best on Hard court, the best on Grass and the best on Clay” says Andre Agassi on the Big 3

Andre Agassi
Andre Agassi at the 2005 US Open where he finished as the runner-up, losing in the final against Roger Federer.

Andre Agassi was the most dangerous on the Hard courts winning 6 of his 8 majors on the Hard surface which include 4 Australian Open (most by any player till Djokovic surpassed him in 2015, 12 years after Agassi’s 4th) and 2 US Open. Agassi hated grass but still won the 1992 Wimbledon and also won the 1999 French Open, winning Grand Slams on all surfaces.

Similar to Agassi all of the Big 3 have won on all the surfaces and yet have dominated on one surface for a long time. “It’s remarkable to have the best on Hard court, the best on Grass and the best on Clay. It’s like WOW! To have them in the same generation, it’s Wow.” added Agassi.

“It took 70 years for 5 people to win all the Grand Slams, I was the 5th person to do it. It took just that generation and then there’s 3 that have done it. There’s so many ways to categorise how impressive it is.”

Agassi later talked how Stefanos Tsitsipas, Daniil Medvedev, Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem are the next gen that will challenge the Big 3 and will be the next generation of players to take the sport to new heights.

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