“Help in any capacity”: Latest signing Andre Drummond reasons out his impact in favor of LA Lakers

Lakers sign Andre Drummond via mid-season trade

Andre Drummond, Anthony Davis and LeBron James

The mid-season trade went gaga after Brooklyn Nets made some of their latest signings. Soon after adding Blake Griffin, the super team has also acquired LaMarcus Aldridge from the San Antonio Spurs. This is clearly imparted how determined the team is for a title this year. But there are other teams which have been struggling. The Los Angeles Lakers are suffering out of injury plagued season. After a great start, their major stars have been benched. Without Anthony Davis and LeBron James the team is all slumped. Just as they were hit by dead end, the mid-season trade might just have lifted hopes. Andre Drummond has signed with the Los Angeles Lakers and feels he can ring bells for the superstars.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been prone to injuries quite often. Anthony Davis suffered his 2nd major achillies injury soon after he made a comeback. More importantly LeBron James, the leader is out as well. This rang tensions in the bench when they had 4 straight losses. But Andre Drummond might just have in right time to rescue the team. It feels like the Lakers have decreased the talent gap that was bothering them for quite a while.

Big man clarifies his role for team

Andre Drummond denied a lot of other teams to join the Lakers. His purple and gold adventure is just about to get excited. His game type is completely aligning with that of LeBron James mind set. Drummond recently revealed that, “For me, I’m just here to help in any capacity. I’m not here to do anything besides win, so I think playing w/ those guys can really benefit my game.” He has completely sketched down his role to stack up the superstar duo.

Andre Drummond might just be the player the Lakers are in need right now. Frank Vogel would not mind benching Marc Gasol on the starter and have Drummond on for him. He is more athletic and aggressive rebounder in comparison. The only thing is he needs to accustom to the team chemistry. Lakers are known for transition offence. Andre just needs to fit into it.