Andrew Character in Free Fire: All you need to know

Andrew is one of the most underrated characters in Free Fire. This article takes a detailed look at Andrew and his abilities in the game.

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Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in the market. It has gained a massive audience over the past few years. This is mainly due to the versatile features in the game. One such feature is the availability of characters to choose from. There are around 35 characters currently available in the game. Every character is unique in his/her own abilities. Andrew is one of the oldest characters in Free Fire. In this article, we take a detailed look at Andrew Character in Free Fire and his abilities in-game.

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Andrew Character and abilities in Free Fire

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Andrew Character in Free Fire: All you need to know 2

His in-game description reads “Andrew was once a police officer”. Andrew is one of the oldest characters in Free Fire. He possesses a passive ability ‘Armor Specialist’. His skill decreases vest durability loss by 2% in the initial level. His skill increases the endurance of vests. Vests are the best defensive tool, it reduces the damage received from foes. So players must make sure that they obtain vests along with Andrew’s skill. On reaching level 4, it will unlock a Police Officer set. However, at the max level, the durability loss decreases by 12% which can make a huge impact in the Ranked modes of the game.

This skill is more of a defensive type. It is best used by players who wish to play safe and push their ranks in Free Fire. Having a passive skill gives a huge advantage to the players who opt for Andrew as their character. His skill can be paired up with other active skills like that of DJ Alok and Chrono. With the range of skill Andrew possess, he can be effective in Clash Squad and Ranked modes. Andrew is available to buy in the characters section under Stores for 8000 gold coins. This was all about the overview of Andrew character in Free Fire.

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