Andrew vs Chrono: Free Fire character Face-off

This article compares Andrew and Chrono abilities.


Free Fire is one of the most well-known battle royale game available globally. Being a battle royale game Free Fire does come with a twist. Free Fire has unique characters for interesting and engaging gameplay, which makes Free Fire a bit different compared to other Battle Royale games. Each player can choose a character according to their preference and liking which gives a unique identity and appearance to the player. This article compares two of the most popular character available right now in Free Fire, Andrew and Chrono.


He was once a police officer, as per the in-game description. His ability is “Armor Specialist”, which is a passive ability. This ability is focused on a passive game style, it decreases 2% loss of vest durability at his initial level.

At his peak, his vest durability is reduced by 12%. Players can use character fragments to level up him.


He is a bounty hunter from another universe. He has an ability called “Time Turner”, it is an active ability.

This ability creates a force field that can negate up to 600 damage from opponents. Movement speed is also increased by 15% when surrounded by the force field, he can shoot opponents when inside the force field.

Teammates also get a 10% movement speed boost for about four seconds. The ability takes 50 seconds to cooldown.

At his max level, Chrono’s ability boosts the movement speed by 30%, while the teammate’s movement speed is increased by 15%. All the effects of the ability last only 15 seconds so better make it count.


Let’s be clear, Chrono is a better character overall. Where as Andrew’s defensive ability can come handy when played solo.

Andrew is a character for players with passive play-style. His ability gives him a slight edge over other defensively.

Whereas Chrono is a more versatile character and fits mostly any play style. His ability also boosts the movement speed of teammates, which is a plus point.

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