Andy Murray explains his worst match and compares himself to LeBron James

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An arrow has first to be pulled back to reach the target, it needs focus and some patience. Former world No.1 Andy Murray, before his first Slam title, he lost many finals and one of those of being 2012 Wimbledon.

Even though Murray had lost many matches but still managed to be world No.1 in 2016. Murray explained why the 2012 Wimbledon was such a major loss and also why he compared himself to LeBron James.

Andy Murray has been a very successful player and has won 3 Grand Slam titles.

In conversation with Graham Bensinger, Murray said, “Many journalists asked me what it was like. The example I used was someone like Lebron James, who was the best player in the NBA but he hadn’t won an NBA championship. And with every year, that kind of goes on and the pressure builds up and people ask you why you haven’t won and what are the reasons for that.”

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But again as the saying goes, failure is the first step to success. Andy came back stronger next year and by beating Novak Djokovic in straight sets, he won 2013 Wimbledon Championship.

And year 2016, was the year of joy or simply Andy’s year as not he won Grand Slam by beating Milos Raonic but also the British star became the world No.1.

But currently due to several injuries, Murray is no longer at the top but we wish with the resumption of tennis in August Andy could regain his position.

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