Andy Murray talks about the reasons why Nadal, Djokovic and Federer keep winning

Andy Murray was effervescent in praise of the Big Three of Tennis, specially applauding the mental aspect of their game.

Roger Federer Novak Djokovic Andy Murray Rafael Nadal
Roger Federer Novak Djokovic Andy Murray Rafael Nadal

Andy Murray is a former World no.1 , multiple slam winner, and at one point a real threat to the Big Three, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer,  of World tennis. Murray is also a double Olympic Gold medalist, having won the medals at the London Olympics of 2012 and the Rio Olympics of 2016. Still only thirty three, Murray has been ravaged by injury in the last few years. But now he is back on the tour and hoping to slowly climb up the rankings.

Murray believes that it’s not just one factor why Nadal, Djokovic and Federer keep winning. He thinks it’s incredible talent of course but along with that a lot of focus, mental strength and a lot of hard work. Murray also paid tribute to the team members that the Big Three of tennis have around them, saying that you need a good team around you for sustained success. Murray says that the more experience you gather the better you deal with a lot of stuff, and he certainly thinks that the experience has certainly helped the Big Three.  

Murray talking about why Nadal, Djokovic, Federer keep winning said “It’s a mix of incredible talent, mental strength, single-minded focus and a lot of hard work. They’ve all got good teams around them.” He continued “Because tennis is such a mental game, the experience they have is a big factor now too.”

Andy Murray against the Big Three

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Between the years 2008 to 206, Andy Murray has been in 11 Grand Slam Finals. Out of those 11 matches he managed to win just three of them His first victory was at the 2012 US Open where he beat Novak Djokovic in the Finals, it was a five set victory 7-6 7-5 2-63-6 6-2. His next Grand Slam was at the Wimbledon in 2013, where he again got the better of Novak Djokovic, beating him in three straight sets 6-4 7-5 6-4.

His third and last Grand Slam since came at the Wimbledon again, in 2016, and this time he beat Canadian Milos Raonic 6-4 7-6 7-6. So in the Grand slam Finals, Murray has a head to head record of 2-5 vs Novak Djokovic, 0-3 vs Federer whom Murray has never beaten, and a 0-0 record vs Rafael Nadal whom he has never faced in a Grand Slam Final.

OpponentHighest RankMatchesWonLostWin%Last Match
Switzerland Roger Federer125111444%Lost (4–6, 6–7(6–8)) at 2015 Cincinnati
Serbia Novak Djokovic136112531%Lost (3–6, 7–5, 4–6) at 2017 Doha
Spain Rafael Nadal12471729%Won (7–5, 6–4) at 2016 Madrid
Andy Murray vs the ‘Big Three’

On the tour, Murray has faced the Big Three quite a number of times, and has the best record against Federer. Murray has won against Federer 11 times and lost 14 times. Against Novak Djokovic he last played a match in Doha, 2017. Murray has the lowest win percentage against Rafael Nadal.

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