Andy Roddick believes Federer has changed his game tactically in the last few years

Andy Roddick, one time rival of Federer, talks about the one tactical change in Federer's game in the last few years.

Andy Roddick with Roger Federer

Andy Roddick, the former World No.1, and one time rival of Roger Federer has recently made an interesting observation about Federer’s game. He believes Federer in his prime played a brand of tennis, which was the best mix of offense and defense. But as the years have rolled on, Federer has become more offensive, possibly to maybe run less on the court.

Federer who last won a Grand Slam in 2018, the Australian Open, has slowed down over the years. With advancing age, his propensity has been to go for the winners on both flanks, something which has affected his accuracy. 

Roddick was honest in his assessment of Roger Federer’s game

Andy Roddick with Roger Federer

Andy Roddick, many believe could have been a multi Grand Slam winner if he had not competed in the same era as Federer’s.

“During his prime, I think Roger Federer was the most offensive player in the world and simultaneously the best defensive player in the world,” the American said. Roddick further added that Federer has taken a more aggressive stance in recent years as he doesn’t want to engage in longer rallies.

“That changed even before this last injury,” the 38-year-old said.

“We all made a big deal about the bigger racket, he’s taking cuts on his backhand. That was not a necessity. He did not want to play defense as much,” he added.

“If the rally was not over in the first 2 or 3 shots, he was going to make sure it was over by the fourth shot, unless it was a deuce or a 30-all point. Similar to what we saw from Pete Sampras for a lot of his career,” he concluded.

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