Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta completely Recovered From Coronavirus


Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta says he has “completely recovered” from coronavirus as he detailed the effect the disease had on him. Arteta 38 years old tested positive on March 12 but has since recovered after self isolating.

“I am feeling completely recovered, it’s true I started having some symptoms when we got the phone call from the club to let us know that we might be exposed to the virus because of the owner of Olympiacos and in that moment… I don’t know, I felt something within me, that I had it,” the club’s official website quoted Arteta as saying.

He urged people across the world to stay indoors and follow the guidelines put in place by the authorities in order to slow down the process of virus transmission.

“I encourage everybody please to be responsible and stay at home as much as possible. That is all we can do from our position, we don’t have the ability to help others in other circumstances, so please at least stay at home and do what is required,” he said.

“We have to try to help the NHS as much as possible and we have to give the opportunity to the elderly people who need this more than anybody else to get the treatment they require. We have to slow the process down and the virus down, so please stay at home,” Arteta added.


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