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Arteta thanks Pep Guardiola for his guidance

Arsenal manger Arteta thanked Pep Guardiola for his helping him develop as a coach after retirement as a player. Arteta left his job as assistant manager for Manchester city in December after three years alongside Guardiola. Arteta soon took over Arsenal after Unai Emery’s sacking. The Spanish midfielder enjoyed a mixed campaign. Despite finishing eighth in the English Premiere League Arsenal have won the FA-Cup. Arsenal defeated Chelsea 2-1 in a FA-Cup final at Wembley stadium.

This was Arteta’s first trophy as a Manager. With this win Arsenal have also gained automatic qualification for next Europa league campaign.

Arteta on Pep

Arteta expressed his gratitude towards Pep by saying, “He has been a key figure in my development as a coach.” He has my gratitude. I wouldn’t be sitting here today without him. I have to thank him big time.”

Arteta thanked Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after his brace that helped Arsenal win the final. Earlier Aubameyang’s future also seemed un-certain with possible transfer to other European clubs.

“Big games require big moments for big players – he did that in the semi-final and now today. People questioning whether he can do it in big games and he’s done it today.” – Arteta on Aubameyang.

Arteta also praised his team for their efforts throughout the season. “I think this is the best moment of my career because I know the difficulties we’ve been through,I had one mission – make the players and staff believe that we could do it. Seeing the change in the dressing room is what makes me more proud. I completely understood the needs of this football club. I knew the challenges I was facing when I made a decision to come here and the expectations we will always have. This is the first one. Let’s enjoy it today. My players have been fantastic and the staff and everyone upstairs,” he said.

Arteta on life at Arsenal

Arteta, who retired at Arsenal in 2016, added: “I could write a book on my time here. Everyday has presented something different. I’m very lucky the people I have around me for every decision I had to make. Until you are sitting in this seat, you don’t know the responsibility you have to make. I’m proud of what we’ve done.”

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