Valorant Bug : Makes Astra Get Stuck In Astral Form

Valorant’s newest Agent has only just arrived yet budding Astra mains are already uncovering key issues, including this game-breaking bug which could potentially cost you the game.

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Valorant New Bug

Valorant’s newest addition, Astra become the victim of a new bug. This new bug makes Astra stuck in his Astral form. While being stuck, the character can’t perform any actions for the whole world.

Astra is the latest addition to the playable pool of agents from Valorant. It was introduced in the game 2 days ago. She is foreseen as a great support player for any team. Its abilities include launching smokes and creating Astral gravity fields which cause the player to be sucked into them. This allows Astra to be a great self as well as a team-support agent and a viable option in the competitive scene.

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When does Astra uses his Astral Form causing the bug ?

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Astra Stuck with bug

Both the smokes and gravity fields can be used with the help of stars that can be placed anywhere Astra wants. The stars can then accommodate either the smoke or gravity field. While placing the stars Astra enters the Astral plane and can place stars anywhere on the map.

While in the Astral plane, Astra cannot see other enemies and they can’t see her either. Their ultimate involves putting down a bulletproof opaque wall in any place of her choice. However, utility and most of the other agent’s ultimates can be used through it. Jett’s knives don’t penetrate the wall and are treated as normal ammunition. They also cloak the players from turret radars and other drones. This bug makes Astra stuck in Astral form.

What causes the bug?

So far, the bug is not addressed by the developers. Its origin is still unknown. It is known that the bug occurs for the console playing part of the Valorant community. The bug was first seen on Twitch streamer lexeratv. You can follow him here.

The problem can potentially cause an early-round handicap for the team and put them in an unforeseen 4 vs 5. Hopefully, the bug is taken care of before it can make any more outrage in the community.

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