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“This is disgraceful from the school”: High School track team suspended over sports bra controversy

A recent sports bra controversy at the Albany High School took the track and field team by storm.

Sports bra controversy at Albany High School

Recently, a high school in the United States found themselves in the middle of a sports bra controversy, after banning members of the track team for complaining about not being allowed to practice in sports bras. The athletes of the Albany High School girls’ track and field team were told to leave practice after they did not wear anything over their sports bras.

While the athletes left the field, they later felt that they had the right to wear sports bras in the hot weather, just as the boys were allowed to take off their shirts during practice. Both males and females are not allowed to remove their shirts as school policy. However, the female coach gave a different reason. “[Albany School District Athletic Director Ashley Chapple] confronted us about wearing sports bras and saying we couldn’t [just] wear sports bras because we have male coaches. She said that before and she said us working out is a distraction. We have to cover up because male coaches are around,” said Jordan Johnson, a sprinter in grade 10, to sports.yahoo.com.

High School faces backlash from many after sports bra controversy

Sports bra controversy at Albany High School

Johnson then started a petition titled: “Stop Gender Biased Dress Codes: Allow the Girls Track Team to wear Sports Bras.” She said that the girls team was punished for wearing sports bras, while the boys team was nicely asked to put on their shirts and were not punished.

The controversy took a further turn after 13 members of the team were suspended for allegedly using foul language with the athletics director Ms. Chapple. However, the girls claim that they did not use any vulgar language.

After a meeting at the school, 12 members have since then been reinstated and will be competing in the next meet. “Their suspension was in no way related to wardrobe. It was entirely related to their inappropriate conduct, and in alignment with our Student Code of Conduct.” maintained Chapple.

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