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“Gave me so many mixed signals” – Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones talks about challenges of being virgin at 39

Lolo Jones addressed about the challenges of being a virgin at the age of 39.

Lolo Jones

American hurdler and bobsledder Lori Susan “Lolo” Jones talked openly about how her choice to remain a virgin till her marriage has put a strain on her relationships. The athlete commented on Instagram about her most recent boyfriend, saying, “He gave me so many mixed signals.” She went on to describe the incident and her relationship with religion.

“He would talk about marriage and kids but then keep me in the friend zone. He would never make time to see me. My heart is so heavy. I’m so exhausted,” she continued. “I have continually asked God to honor me with a Godly man.” It has been a very distressing feature of Jones’ single status that at the age of 39, the Olympic star voiced a wish to start a family.

She explained, “I’ve prayed for years and with many tears for God to allow me to find my husband. I even prayed that if God didn’t want me to be married to remove the desire from my heart. But as the years grow I want to be married more and desire badly to have a family of my own. And I just keep getting my heart broke.”

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Lolo Jones acknowledges that her “faith is hurting right now” as she searches for romantic love

Lolo Jones

Jones’ search for a partner has been so challenging that she has even started to doubt her beliefs. She continued by stating that being alone had been a horrible experience that had put her in a difficult connection with faith. “I’m just asking God to honor my heart because faith is hurting right now,” she stated.

She received a ton of encouraging replies after publishing her message. The well-known actress Keke Palmer wrote these words of wisdom: “Your story is a beautifully written testimony! God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle. It’s okay to feel tested, that’s humanity.”

The next day, Jones continued the chat and expressed his happiness at exposing the audience to such a vulnerable subject. She said to her audience that sharing her troubles had given her the opportunity to take stock of her life and search for virtues instead of her usual vices.

“All I can say is last night God helped me get thru the night with a heavy heart. I did not drink instead I read as many encouraging messages I could from you guys, I prayed for other people that sent me messages,” Jones said. “I felt many people going thru similar hardships yet still fighting in faith. That encouraged me. Thank you.”

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