REVEALED!! This is why Usain Bolt lost the final race of his career

4 years after his retirement, legendary sprinter Usain Bolt revealed why he couldn't win his last race.

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt

There are champions, there are legends, and then there is Usain Bolt. An absolute superstar, Bolt has achieved a lot in his illustrious career. Regarded as the fastest man ever to be born on planet earth, Bolt holds the world record in both, the 100m as well as 200m races.

Winner of as many as 8 Olympics Gold medals, the Jamaican is the only sprinter ever to win Olympic 100m and 200m titles at three consecutive Olympics from 2008 onwards till 2016. Moreover, the ‘lightning Bolt’ has also won two 4×100 relay gold medals at the biggest stage.

Bolt suffered a horrible leg injury which prevented him from winning his final race

Usain Bolt at the athletics championship
Usain Bolt

For the most part of his career, Bolt defeated his opponents with relative ease. However, in his last race, Bolt wasn’t able to perform as per expectations. It was an anti-climax really for his fans who were expecting the world champion to retire after a memorable victory.

In a recent interview, Bolt revealed that he, unfortunately, lost his final race before retirement as a leg injury prevented him from performing as per expectations. He claimed that mentally he wasn’t in a good phase as the physical injury had really taken a toll on him.

“The only thing that can really mess with me mentally is if I’m not in good shape,” Bolt claimed. The Jamaican walked across the finish line when the injury made it impossible for him to run. Putting a rest to all the rumours regarding his unlikely loss in the final race Bolt gave detailed info about exactly what was wrong with his leg.

“Sadly I have a tear of the proximal myotendinous junction of biceps femoris in my left hamstring with partial retraction. 3 months rehab. I don’t usually release my medical report to the public but sadly I have sat and listened to people questioning if I was really injured,” Bolt claimed.

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