I do feel that I am capable of winning Grand Slams, says World No.6

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There is no doubt what talent the world No.6 possesses. Being emotional and hardworking at the same time makes Stefanos Tsitsipas different from other players.

Where everyone globally has knelt down in front of the pandemic, the 21-year-old Greek sensation has his eyes set only on winning his first Grand Slam title, and he is still seeking a breakthrough which we hope will eventually put him up there competing with the BIG3.

It’s only fitness, that can be a hurdle for Tsitsipas and if not, it can be seen by the given standards he has set of for himself that the young man has undoubtedly the potential to break any ATP records.

It is obvious and very much understandable that the young incredible player wants to reach his full potential and very much dedicated and proud of his origins. It can be proved by noting the fact the Tsitsipas even went on to label himself as “Greek God”.

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Even Tsitsipas coach Patrik Mouratoglou, the 50-year-old firmly believes that it’s just a matter of time before the world No.6 gets a breakthrough.

The French in an interview with Essentially Sports said, “I think he might make his breakthrough anytime. He’s won, as you mentioned, the ATP finals, he’s reached also the semifinals of the Australian Open, he’s beaten all the too players atleast once, beaten Nadal on clay un Madrid, beaten Djokovic in the Masters 1000, Roger in a Grand Slam, he’s not far. But on the other hand, winning a Grand Slam today, against the greatest players of all time is the most challenging in tennis history.”

“When he lost to Rafa in the semifinals of Australian Open, he had beaten Roger, and to ein the tournament he would’ve had to beat Rafa in the semis and then Novak in the finals. How challenging is that? It’s incredible. But I’m sure he’s going to make it at some point because he really wants it deep inside himself and he really has the potential to do it. So, it’s going to happen,” he added.

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After beating Roger in the major tournament of the Australian Open last year, was his best performance. After securing 2019 Nitto ATP finals and five singles titles, Tsitsipas is all eagerly waiting to win a Grand Slam.

While speaking to Tennis Major, earlier in June, Tsitsipas said, “people always ask me when am I or the Next Gen going to win a Grand Slam. I feel it is going to come if you wait, you don’t have to ask the same question every single time. I do feel that I’m capable to winning Grand Slams, it’s not that I’m not capable. I’ve proven myself at the Nitto ATP Finals. I was the last player standing out of all eight, which for sure meant something – it’s not accidental you know?”

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